WhatsApp Dark Mode For Desktop – How to download and Install

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In this article i am going to tell you about how you can download WhatsApp dark mode for Desktop/PC. WhatsApp Dark mode is currently available for Windows and MacOS users only. WhatsApp Dark mode for Desktop is actually an unofficial version. So Kindly read the whole procedure to know the complete guide to Install WhatsApp Dark mode for desktop/PC.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for Desktop has been released by Github as an unofficial version which fully functional and very similar to Official WhatsApp which is not yet released with Dark Mode feature.

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WhatsApp Dark Mode for Desktop is not available to download on Official Website of WhatsApp. If you want to use it, then you need to go to github’s website and there you have to search for WhatsApp Dark Mode For Desktop/PC. Then you will find a lots of posts related it and then you will get confused about from which post you should download it so, it can be able to work properly without any flaws. So, Kindly Follow the whole Procedure to Download And Install WhatsApp Dark Mode for Desktop/PC.

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Steps to download WhatsApp Dark Mode for Desktop/PC ( Windows Users)

  1. Go to google.com and search for WhatsApp Dark Mode For Desktop/PC Github .
  2. You will Find a Lots of article On that then find an article which is named as ” m4heshd/whatsapp-desktop-dark: Dark mode for… Github”
  3. Then click on that article and open it.
  4. on the top you can see Dark Mode For WhatsApp Desktop Official Version (Windows & MacOs)
  5. Just scroll down, Under the Download Heading- you will the download links for Windows (x86 & x64) Both architecture.
  6. Click and download it.
  7. then you have to Download the Official Version of WhatsApp for Desktop from the Official Website of WhatsApp. Click here to go.
  8. Download the Windows Version of WhatsApp according to your PC’s supported architecture. Make sure that you have downloaded the Website version of WhatsApp only ( Windows Store version will not work here).
  9. Install the Official WhatsApp version which you have downloded now in the 8th step.
  10. After Install you need to extract the .zip file which you have just downloaded in 5th step. And copy the WhatsApp Dark Mode For Desktop/PC .exe and a file.
  11. Then Paste it in the Root file of Official WhatsApp’s Folder. (Note You need to right click on the Whastapp official version then click on open file location to go into the root folder of Official WhatsApp).
  12. After pasting the WhastApp Dark Mode for Desktop’s .exe file there, Just double click on it to open. (Make sure that official whatsapp is also running)
  • After Running the DarkWa.exe file it will open the .cmd application and that will start the process of changing the style. the whole process will work automaticlally so don’t close any application by your own.

Congratulations you have successfully setup Whatsapp Dark Mode for Desktop/PC.

For more detail information click here.

As i wrote it is unofficial version not Officially from WhatsApp, You don’t have to worried about your privacy it is totally safe and secure from hackers. Hackers will not able to steal you data or can not tap your calls. Because does not changed the whole algorithm of WhatsApp Dark Mode For Desktop, they have just changed the theme code/script into Dark Mode. It might have some bugs but they don’t use it to compromise you privacy.

Thanks all it was about the Process of How to Install WhastApp Dark Mode for Desktop/PC. I Hope you have enjoyed and Comment below this post your querry related to any question you have.


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