What are Organic and Non-Organic Views? Which is beneficial for your website’s SEO? How to track Organic Views?

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In this article, I am going to discuss about Organic views and non organic views. You guys are already knew about that, If you are having websites and If number of people visiting your website then you get views on your websites and you gets number of hits on particular article on which people are visiting and reading.

You guys must be aware about that if you are getting large number visitors on some particular posts or article which has published on your website. It will help your website’s ranking or post’s ranking in search engines depending upon what people are visiting post or website or both.

But, Do you know There are 2 more types of views which affect your website’s ranking in SEO ( search engine optimization). Your website ranking actually depend upon these 2 views, and according to those views visitor could your website as a references on Search Engines.

Types of views are :-

  1. Organic Views
  2. Non Organic Views

I knew most you did not heard about that, Therefore i came up with this article. In this article i will be covering both types of Views Organic views and Non Organic Views as well. And there benefits upon your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Which is more beneficial for your website’s SEO ranking. And How to track those views?

Let’s Discuss those things one by one,

Organic Views – You Guys Need to understand that How people are coming to your website? There are 2 ways by which visitor are coming to every website or article. 1St is Organic Search and 2nd Non Organic Search. To understand the concept of Organic Views. You should know about what is Organic Search? Let’s Discuss it, Organic Search means way of searching something as topic or article e.g. tech news, Education stuff, about economics of country etc on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Pinterest etc. To search something on searching by putting some keyword of ideas except direct or shared links. After getting the search results if visitors are coming to your website through that Search Engines’ results those views will be count on Organic Views.

  • Example – My site named as https://techinfos.in . People can get here some tech news, how to tutorials in theory, Business ideas as well and Some educational stuffs too. If any people search some keyword on Google, Yahoo or on Bing search Engines. They must get some search results. If my website comes at the top, bottom or any where on the search results. If that visitor come through that search result on my website or some particular article, I will some views those views will be count as Organic Views.

Non Organic Views – You guys Now must have aware about that people are searching something on WEB by 2 Ways 1st Organic Search and 2nd Non Organic Search. For understanding Non Organic Views. Let’s understand What is Non Organic Search? Non Organic search are those types of search in which visitors are getting some reference about your article or website as links shared to them or they are searching some articles after coming to your websites by scrolling or finding with the help for search bar, Read more button, Next posts or Previous posts, Trending or Recent posts given on website will increase Non Organic Views.

  • Example – If People are searching some article directly on some particular website other than search engines or getting referring links of your website or website’s article on particular website e.g. on Facebook’s comment or posts, Sharing Posts on Quora by answering to some question. On YouTube videos’s Description, Sharing links on WhatsApp, Telegram, Or messengers. To increase your articles or websites views, And People reading more articles again and gain from your websites. Those types of Views which you are getting through Non Organic Search on your website and on your articles will be called as Non organic Views.

Now the above concept were about to clear your View on Organic Views and Non Organic Views.

Now Question is Which types of Views will be beneficial for Your website Organic Views or Non Organic Views.

  • Benefits of Organic Search or Organic Views – You must have heard something Like SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). SEO is only which decide what will be the rank of which Websites or which article on Search Results, Depending upon what Visitors are searching According to there way of searching on search engines and Keywords mentioned in the search box. Organic Views will Increase only after getting visitor on website through search results which is not quite easy. For this you may need to advertise your content or need to put some most common search keywords or some unique keyword both. SEO will rank only those website which has the content which is searched by visitor by mentioning valuable keywords. If those keywords are mentioned on your article or website. It will highlight your Website on search result.
  • Benefits of Non Organic Search Or Non Organic Views – If you just wanted to viral your post and wanted your website’s views will increase continuously. It can be done by sharing links of website or articles on Facebook’s Comment section from where your posts will be more clickable by users, Share among the several WhatsApp Group, Telegram channel, or Any Social Group e.g. Facebook Group, And you can post you articles link on Quora to answer somebodies question. That will ultimately increase your posts views or make viral.

Note: Non organic Searches will help to increase Organic searches too. Which means if your Number of Non Organic Views will be more than it will help your website or articles to increase its Organic views also. If your posts has been viral among social media it automatically noticed by SEO’s spider Bots, That will start tacking that posts and keep highlighting that posts or article which was shared among the social sites and became viral. You can take the example of Fake News although them are fake but because of those news became viral Search results will start highlighting them in Search References. Which means Both are essentials for Website to rank in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Now Question Is How you Can Track Organic views and Non Organic Views :

You can track it easily by the help you inserting Meta TAG by Google’s Analytics. You can create an account on it. Steps of Tracking Organic Views and Non Organic Views will be easier only after only If you have an account on Analytics. If you don’t have an account, These are the steps of the steps of Creating Account Google Analytics.

  1. Signup on Analytics by clicking here.
  2. After signup, You need to add your website as you property by visiting Google webmaster tool. Keep in mind that you were using Same Gmail in both Analytics and Web master tool while verifying your website as your property for best result.
  3. Then go to Analytics and visit property tab in after clicking on Admin Tab. You will find a opiton of Tracking code. Here you will get the Global Site Tag (gtag.js) as script in the box in given just below it.
  4. you need copy paste the code in header section at the top of <head> in HTML of you wesite.
  5. That’s end. you have completed the setup of Tracking you websites hits.

Now the Steps of Tracking Organic Views and Non Organic Views are below:

  1. First sign in to Analytics Dashboard.
  2. Go to the home section, By default after sign in you will be there only.
  3. Then scroll down and try to find the panel of How do you acquire Users.
  4. Here you will get the information of Traffic Channel, Source medium, and Referrals.
  5. In Sources Medium you can find the Your Views detailed as Organic/Google for Organic Views, Direct/None for Non organic Views, etc.

That’s enough for now if you guys have any question regarding anything related this posts or you guys wanted to know something more about blogging or SEO you can comment it below in the comment box.


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