[RUN WITHOUT INSTALL] Tor Browser: Installation Guide For Linux 2020

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Hello, Linux users hope your guys are fine and chilled. If you want to install Tor Browser on Kali Linux 2020.1 version. In this we are going to show you how you can run Tor Browser without actually being install on your Kali Linux through terminal. We’re not going to use the command on terminal to install Tor Browser. So if you want to know tor browser installation guide then read the full guide.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor (The Onion Router) is just not a browser but an advance tool has inbuilt ad-blocker, tracking protection, and IP anonymity. You can use it for various purpose such as to surf internet without revealing your real IP. You can surf lots of dark webs. You can also use it for surfing pirated websites which has been blocked by your Internet Provider.

What are the Features of Tor Browser?






How to Download Tor Browser for Linux

As i said we’re not going to use any command to install tor browser on Kali Linux 2020.1 device. It means we’ll download it also through web browser. And then we’ll install it.

Download Tor Browser for Linux

How to Install and Run Tor Browser on Linux

Now it’s time to follow the steps of installation carefully. Actually as per the topic we have told you at the beginning that we are not going to install it by using terminal. Let’s follow the steps discussed below to run tor browser without installing it.

Steps to Run Tor Browser on Linux

#step 1. Let’s go to that folder where you have downloaded the tor browser.

#step 2. Right click over the Tor Browser compressed file.

#step 3. Click on extract here.

Wait for completion of extraction process, then you will see a folder with the tor browser.

#step 4. Just open the tor browser folder. and there you will a folder name of Browser and Tor Browser setup.

#step 5. Just right click over tor browser setup file. And click on execute.

Congrats you see a windows of connect to tor. Just click on connect to tor to run tor browser.

How to create a Tor Browser desktop shortcut launcher

As you have installed it without using apt install command. Then you don’t use it as system software. But you can make a desktop shortcut launcher of tor browser to use it from the Kali Linux desktop screen.

#step 1. Right over the Desktop anywhere on the free space.

#step 2. Just click on create Launcher.

#step 3. Fill name as tor browser. In working directory. Just select the tor browser folder which you have extracted at the beggining.

You have to give certain permission to tor browser folder to access the setup to execute.

#step 4. Go to the folder where you have extracted tor browser. Just right click over tor browser folder and go to properties. Then click on permission.

#step 5. Then at the bottom there are two option available. Please select Read & Write on Access Section. And The same option for Others sections. As shown above in the picture.

Now, let’s back to the desktop launcher creation.

#step 6. In command section of create launcher. Select the start-tor-browser.desktop. If this is not showing make sure at the bottom where executable files are showing, select all files.

#step 7. Now, its time to set tor browser icon. Click on icon. browse the folder to /tor-browser_en-US/Browser/browser/chrome/icons/default/

select your preferable icon size. And click on create. Your desktop launcher are now ready to launch Tor browser.

Watch Video on How to Run Tor Browser without Installation


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