How to Fix Updates for this repository will not be applied [Not valid yet]

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Hello Linux users, Once again we have come up with a nice fix. Many of you must have seen this error while trying to update your Linux system with apt-get update command. But got an error of Release is not valid yet Updates for this repository will not be applied. You guys are unable to update your Linux system. This is very easy fix. Just Follow the below guide and get out of this problem.

ERROR: Release is not valid yet? Updates for this Repository will not be Applied

This is a technical error arises becuase of wrong date & time or mis match of regional date and time with your Linux device current date and time.

Actually, Linux’s update repository is working on the basis of country based servers. All the updates always fetches and verify the regional Date and Time of your Location with your device before actually being downloading and installing.

That’s why, if we are having wrong or different date and time based on the location our device actually connected to intenet. We got some error. And the error are seems to be like this in the below box.

root@kali:~# sudo apt-get -y update
Get:1 kali-rolling InRelease [30.5 kB]
Reading package lists... Done
E: Release file for is not valid yet (invalid for another 109d 18h 50min 51s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.

How to fix Release is not valid yet Update for this repository will not be applied?

To fix this issue you just need to update your Date and time. Then re-try to update your Linux system.

As i’m on Kali Linux follow my steps Discussed below:

Current time and date is wrong on my kali linux

#step 1. First check your system Date and time and cross check. If wrong then follow next steps.

#step 2. Open your Kali Linux terminal as root user. Or after open, type su command and root password to get root access.

#step 3. Then Type the Following command below to do correction or update your Date (mm/dd/yyyy) on your Kali Linux system.

root@ibrahim:~# date --set 04/13/2020
Mon Apr 13 00:00:00 IST 2020

#step 4. Then for updating the time, again follow the same command according to 24 hrs format e.g. if you want to set 3:38 PM then type 15:38.

root@ibrahim:~# date --set 15:38
Mon Apr 13 15:38:00 IST 2020

Congrats, You have successfully change your Linux Device Date and Time.

Now, You can update you Kali Linux or any other Linux System with apt-get update command.


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very good content! well explained.

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