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In this article i am going to tell you about there are many pubg, call of duty, fortnite, and mortal combat gaming kits available for mobile device on economic price. You can purchase it from many online shopping sites to enjoy your gaming. After reading this article you came to know about cheapest gaming accessories for mobile to play online games on android, ios and on windows too.

PUBG gaming accessories

Pubg gaming accessories are some devices which take a second to setup on mobile for reducing 2 finger use and you can able to use your four finger while playing online games such pubg, fortnite, mortal combat and call of duty etc.

Gaming kits


There are list of trigger available on the amazon, flipkart and on club factory online shopping sites. Trigger are basically a small joystick controller which need to install on the the top on mobile while palying online games while your was in landscape mode opposite side of volume and power menu button. It is in two small parts which has a button on both parts which you need to apply efficiently on a proper side so you can able to click on the bullet fire button on game while clicking the physical button of trigger.

There are many model of trigger available on the amazon you can click here to watch some. Here i am going to share some trigger which will cost you very economic and affordable even kids can afford it by their parents consent.

Affordable Trigger for PUBG

These are the trigger from 99 to under 599 are some affordable trigger which you can buy economically at affordable rate. Even kids can have it some his gaming on mobile device because these are in very cheap price but no so expensive.

Trigger under Rs 99 Click here to BUY
Trigger under 199Click here to BUY
Trigger Under 299Click here to BUY
Trigger under 399Click here to BUY
Trigger under 499Click here to BUY
Trigger under 599Click here to BUY

PUBG Joystick Gamepad controller

These are the gamepad controller look like PS, X.Box, or Sega Joystick controllers but these has Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect your android, ios or windows devices to enjoy your gaming. And some these has to manually setup function, which you need to install back on your phone to play like you are playing using trigger and has gamepad to avoid phone holding by hands need. Bluetooth controller will cost you expensive but cheaper and best quality than other expensive controller.

PUBG joystick gamepad under 1000Click here to BUY
PUBG joystick gamepad under 1999Click here to BUY
PUBG joystick gamepad under 2999Click here to BUY
PUBG joystick gamepad under 3999Click here to BUY
PUBG joystick gamepad under 4999Click here to BUY
PUBG joystick gamepad under 5999Click here to BUY

On the above table, These are some joystick controller for PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Mortal Combat. You can purchase once of them from here also by directly clicking the above links.

If you want to purchase more of the gaming kits for your mobile phones you can comment below, also comment how you much liked this article on PUBG gaming kit for mobile.


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