[GUIDE] How to use Google Chrome Extensions on Android Browser

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how to install google chrome extensions on android browser

Most of us are using Android smartphones nowadays, Google Chrome has become our most used browsing apps. But it has a limitation of lack of installation of extensions (ad-dons) features. We don’t have any option available inside google chrome android app to install Chrome Extensions on it. But there is an android app on which you can install almost all chrome extensions on it. Let’s follow the below guide to know more about it.

We all love Google Chrome, We all have installed and using Google Chrome as our primary web browser in our PC. It has features like bookmark and history syncing with Google and Chrome extensions to ease up our tasks that were missing in other browsers.

But when comes to smartphone,

Google Chrome fails to implement some of its desktop features to the Android platform. We can’t install Google Chrome extensions on Android version. Don’t know why Google is not adding this feature on Chrome for Android but another Chromium-based browser is here to solve this issue.

Install Google Chrome extensions on Android:

Knowing users need, in its latest update Kiwi Browser based on Chromium added support to Chrome extensions were users can easily installed useful Chrome extensions on Android and use them just like in Chrome for desktop.

Install the latest version of Kiwi Browser from Google Play.

kiwi browser on playstore

Steps to install Chrome extensions on Android Browser:

enable developer option on kiwi browser

#step 1. First, we have to enable extension support on Kiwi browser. For that enter ” chrome://extensions” in the address bar and enable “Developer mode“.

add chrome extension to browser

#step 2. Next, go to Chrome store on desktop mode and choose the extension you like to install by tapping “Add to Chrome” button.

disable or remove installed chrome extension on android browser

#step 3. That’s it. Also, you can see all installed extensions and disable or remove them by going to “options > Extensions“

Apart from Chrome extensions support, Kiwi browser also comes many other features like night mode with customizable contrast and grayscale mode, a custom Downloads folder, and external download manager support. It also comes with a built-in adblocker or you can easily install your own adblocker. The only thing missing in Kiwi Browser is bookmark cloud syncing but it can solve d to an extent by bookmarks import/export feature.

Looking on all browsers available for Android, Kiwi browser is the only one that let you install Chrome extensions.


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