How to verify Adsense Address Verification with PIN or without PIN 2020

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If you have an adsense account in which you have more than $10. Then you need to verify address on adsense through verification PIN which has been sent to your Address on Adsense. Many people failed to get adsense address verification PIN because of unavailability of post or because of wrong address. In this post i will tell you how to verify adsense address verification pin with PIN or without PIN.

When you will get your PIN on your address?

Google Adsense will sent you the PIN on your address which you have filled on your Adsense Payment Profile.

After you have earned your total balance more than $10. Google will ask you to verify your identity after uploading Pan Card, Driving License, and Voter ID card. You must have filled all the details correctly there such as same Name, DOB and address should be same on your adsense account as mentioned on your national id card.

After successfully verified your identity, Google adsense will show you payment on hold because you have not verify your address yet. Then the Google Adsense will sent the Address verification PIN on your address.

How much time it will take to arrive the PIN on the Address?

Normally if you see on the below screenshot you will see the generated PIN date.

But if you read the lines after PIN was set to. You will see the it has been written very clearly in words that “You will PIN will be sent by post 3-5 days after the date listed above and it may take 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on the postal services“.

As in my case my pin was generated on 8 January 2020. It means it would be sent by post on 11-13 January 2020. And i received it on 3 February 2020. Now you can assume the time taken by the post in some areas.

How to Verify the Address after receiving the PIN by post

When you open the AdSense address verification PIN post. You will get the PIN as well as the full process printed along side the PIN. You just need to follow the steps printed on the post or follow the steps below.

Steps to verify the Adsense Address Verification PIN

#step 1. Login to your adsense account.

#step 2. you need to click on the setting icon and select Payment.

#step 3. In the left navigation bar, click on Account Information. Then click on verify address.

#step 4. Enter your PIN and click on submit PIN.

Congratulations, After refreshing the tab you will see the payment on hold notification from the first page will gone away and your address will be successfully verified.

How to Verify AdSense Address Verfication without PIN

After failed to get adsesne address verification PIN 1 time you will need to request PIN 2 more times. But again if you unable to get the PIN your adsense will start showing you the another option on the same page where you need to enter the PIN just below the submit PIN option.

There you will see click to fill the form option will be available there. just click on it. And form will open in a while. Just fill the form with the correct details as same as your adsense account and in your Government ID card. Then submit it. You will receive the notification under 48 hours that your address has been verified sucessfully.

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