How to Report AdSense about Invalid Clicks on Website 2020 [Full Guide]

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Getting Google Adsense approval is not so easy. After doing hard work on website many of us become successful in getting approval. What do you think are work finish here? No, Actually maintaining Google Adsense is more harder than just getting approval. And Protecting Your Google AdSense from Invalid Activities such as invalid clicks and impressions generated by some other person. It is quite difficult to find those individuals who are generating many invalid click activity. But In this post you will be able to know how to report AdSense about invalid click to protect it from being Disable.

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How to Find Invalid Activity on AdSense

Finding Invalid activity on Google AdSense is quite difficult. It needs some intelligence to understand your actual traffic. You have to monitor each and every user’s sessions, ad clicks, ad impressions, medium and source of traffic. Let’s first understand one by one what is the meaning of each one of these words.

  • User’s sessions: User’s sessions means visitors have visited your website.
  • Ad Clicks: Clicks means how many times a single session users are clicking on the ads displaying on the particular page.
  • Ad Impression: Ad Impression mean how many times ads have been displayed on your web page.
  • Medium: Medium means is that current or already users which are visited the website came from direct link, search engine, social media or referrals links.
  • Source: Source means whether those visitors are from which link such as either they came on your website from,,, (direct) or from some other back-link.

So what you have to do with all these terms? You have to monitor all these terms are equally matches with your total number of views or not.

for example: suppose 1 visitor is currently visiting something on your website where 3 adsense ads are displaying. In this if he will click on any ads validly then he will click only 1 time. And If he validly surf the website then every page will gain 1 or 2 views from the single visitor. If the users are coming from organic/search engine/referral medium or, source (other than direct source/medium) then it will be considered as valid. If he will click twice or thrice then it will considered as invalid click. Or the same user is reloading the current page continuously it will create invalid impressions which you can track from Adsense Report.

How to Report Google Adsense about Invalid Activity

reporting google adsense after finding all the above variable about some invalid activity done by users will help the process and make it easier. You have to fill a form. In this form you will be ask for many thins let’s discuss it one by one.

  • #Name: You will have to fill your own name.
  • #contact email address: here you will see your email address already filled if you have logged in already.
  • #Your AdSense Publisher ID: You have fill you AdSense Publisher id. You will find your id on the AdSense account setting page.
  • #URL where ad code appears: You have to mentioned on which web page of your website you noticed the invalid activity.
  • #Topic: you have to select “reporting unusual activity on my account”.
  • #Date(s) and Time(s) of the click activity: Here, You have to mentioned on which date you have found invalid click activity on the above mentioned URL.
  • #A paragraph describing what led you to believe the click activity is invalid: Here, You have to describe what are the factors and on what bases, it will lead you to believe the click activity is invalid.
  • #Please include any data from your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests which could explain invalid activity.: You have to find all the traffic sources and mediums from where the traffic came on your website which you think are invalid. such as IP addresses, referrers or links shown on google analytics report and on Google AdSense report.

How to find URLs website got clicks from visitors

steps to find URLs of the website where you get clicks on the AdSense Ads are below:

#step 1. Open Google Analytics.

#step 2. Navigate to behavior and click on site content.

#step 3. here, you need to click on Landing pages.

#step 4. Open Google AdSense on the other tab and go to report and see on which date your website got an invalid click.

#step 5. set the same date here, on the Google Analytics. and Click on apply.

#step 6. there you will find a section of Explorer. Under which you will have to select AdSense.

#step 7. Now you will start seeing all the landing pages from where your AdSense earning has been generated on that date which you have selected above.

#step 8. On the same row where all the landing pages are showing you will another row of column showing AdSense Ads clicked. From here you will get on which page against you got the clicks.

How to Find Source/Medium of all the clicks generated on AdSense Ads

You just need to follow one more step to find out source/medium of all the clicks generated on AdSense Ads. After following all the above steps follow some below steps:

#step 9. There is an option available showing secondary dimension.

#step 10. Click on it and find commonly used click over there and finally click on source/medium.

By this way we can find sources/mediums of all the clicks generated on AdSense ads displaying over the website.

How to Find IP Addresses of Visitors clicked on AdSense Ads

If you are running your website with some hosting provider other Google Blogger such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, Hostmobo, or Bluehost. They always provide you cpanel. Cpanel is administrator Online office from where you can manage your website’s codes and back end pages with the help of seprate file manager. And Here on Cpanel, you gets more features like Awstats. Awstats will help you to find IP Addresses of all the visitors who came on your website.

After collecting all your finding you can fill the above Google AdSense form to report about invalid click activity. If you will face any problem related to finding of any google adsense. Write comments below.


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