How to Remove Stock Android Apps without Root [Debloat] [Guide]

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Using Android phones in which there are lot’s of pre-installed apps already there are irritating. And if we tried to uninstall them all it was not possible without root till then. But now we’re here with unbelievable guide to uninstall all of the unnecessary android apps permanently with root. Follow our guide to debloat any in-built android apps without root.

Prerequisite to debloat stock android apps

  • ADB Drivers ( for Windows or Linux)
  • USB Debugging in Developer Option must be enabled (in your android phone)
  • Knowledge of few commands (easiest work)

How to Install ADB Driver on Windows

Installing ADB on windows is quite simpler than Linux. Just need to download and install adb software and follow a small procedure only.

  • Click here to download ADB drivers

After downloaded, Just try it to install on your PC. It will ask your few questions. Whether to install or not, there you just click y and hit the enter button.

At last you will be ask for install or not for ASUS ADB driver. Just hit the install button.

Then your PC have successfully installed Asus ADB Driver.

How to Install ADB Driver on Linux

To install ADB driver on Kali Linux or on any other Linux distribution, Installing procedure are very much similar. just Follow the few command below:

root@ibrahim:~# apt-get update
root@ibrahim:~# apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

after running the above command properly you will be getting ADB driver downloading and installing process on terminal. Few minutes later it got installed.

Now, it’s time to Debloat Stock android apps.

Steps to Debloat stock Android Apps without root

Debloating stock apps are exactly same on both Windows and Linux. Commands are also same. Let’s start debloating.

#step 1. Open CMD ( in the ADB folder of windows C drive )or Kali Linux terminal anywhere.

#step 2. Get root access on your terminal screen if not already by su command. In CMD no need of root access.

#step 3. Connect your phone via USB cable. And Turn on USB Debugging. Then type the following command on both CMD and on Linux as well

adb devices

after running the above command you will see a pop-up on your android phone. Which will ask you allow or deny. Just click on allow.

#step 4. Just get Package name of app which you wanted to uninstall/ Debloat/ Remove permanently. If you don’t know how to get Package name open play store and for the same app and click on the above 3 dot and click on share button. Share button contains a link of the app. In the link after “=id” starts with ” this the package name just copy that.

if you want to get package name of each and every apps installed on your android phone. Just run the below command on CMD or Terminal.

adb shell pm list packages -f

#step 5. After getting package name of the particular app. Just keep it on clipboard or keep copy or remember. And follow the below command to remove it permanently. Let’s take an example to remove Google Search App.

adb shell pm uninstall -k —user 0

after typing this command hit enter. You will get success on the screen.

Congrats, you have successfully removed or debloated google search app permanently from android phone.

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