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If you want to monetize low traffic website and earn money. If your website or blog are not having enough traffic and you are getting Adsense, approval then read this Article to monetize low traffic website or blog with low traffic. I’ll discuss keypoint on how you can get approval to monetize low traffic website.

Psychology behind website monetization

Almost everyone whether he or she is new or old they have adopted a brand in their mind. That Adsense is best among all Ads publishing network. Nothing else is better than it. But I’m sorry to say. Adsense is not that much perfect for every website to get monetization approval. Some time they don’t approve websites because some unidentified reasons.

Reason of not getting approval for monetization

Adsense is not bad, actually they have made the process of giving approval to websites a little difficult. Only a genuine or honest website or blogger can get it otherwise you have Solly done trick e.g. made some genuine post, decorate your navigation menus of your website designing, SEO friendly or Adsense friendly designs, and enough content size (1000+words per posts). Then you should apply for Adsense if you don’t copied any copyrighted pictures from Google. These are the things you should keep in your mind before applying for Adsense. But most the beginners did mistake in this step only. Then how can they get approval for their website.

Does Traffic really matters for Adsense approval or not?

Well, i think you can get the answer by applying your mind. You must have seen many websites running Adsense ads on their home pages,on the others pages and on the articles too. Although they are claiming that they are having very less traffic on their website. But if go and check the traffic analysis through traffic analyser websites like uber suggest they show you enough traffic on that website. It doesn’t mean that you must have 15000k page views per month or 500+ viewer on your website. You Just need enough traffic. Then analyse it through the criteria given by Adsense before applying for Adsense approval of your website. Then you will get Adsense approval.

What to do if you are getting Adsense approval?

Don’t worry, If you’re not getting approval for monetization of your website by Adsense. Then you should keep searching for best Adsense alternatives. As we are having Adsense competitors in the market. Which give us the opportunity to monetize our website and let us earn money with low traffic and less terms and conditions.

Does traffic really matters for other ads serving websites?

Well, in my opinion yes. Traffic really matter before getting approval for monetization of your website. Actually it’s beneficial of both your website as well as for the advertiser (ads serving websites). They don’t want to invest on the slow horse. All they want real and huge traffic from organic sources. So that it ultimately which give profit to real advertiser who are investing for serving ads. Although they considered direct sources also but they see whether the views are real or by bots. That’s it, once you start getting enough traffic from real source then they you can apply for another Adsense alternative to monetize your website and earn money.

List of Adsense alternatives

  • Infolinks
  • Adcash
  • Chitika

These are some ads serving websites which let you monetize your website and you can earn with serving their ads on your website.

Most of them Adsense alternative also ask your for enough traffic before giving you the approval but few of the ads serving websites given above can give you approval with low traffic also.

In this article we will discuss about infolinks. Infolinks are seeming like Adsense alternative but they are also tie up with Adsense to serve Adsense ads on their publishers website with their only ads too. They don’t ask for higher traffic, and highly qualitative content for their website as Adsense asking before approval during reviewing the website.

Infolinks eligibility for getting approval for monetization

  • Design doesn’t matter for them but your website should have attractive design to attract visitors.
  • Content doesn’t matter but your website should have enough content to get regular viewers.
  • Traffic should be 5-10 visitors at least.
  • Website should have enough space for displaying ads.

These are enough requirements you may need before applying for Infolinks.

In the next post we will be discuss how to apply for infolinks publishers for your website.


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