How to install WPS Office on Kali Linux 2020 [WPS Office guide for Linux]

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Hey Linux users, Hope you’re enjoying good days. Here we have another topic for you on WPS office installation guide for Linux. There’re many Professional Office Applications are available for Linux. Such as Libre office, Gnome Office, Open Office, and FreeOffice are some of the famous office apps for Linux. This Guide will help you to understand Installation processs of WPS office for Kali Linux 64bit .deb package using Linux Terminal.

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WPS Office for Linux 2019

WPS Office is an office suite. It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. It is developed by Zhuhai-based Chinese software developer Kingsoft.

WPS Office has three primary components:

  • WPS Writer
  • WPS Presentation, and
  • WPS Spreadsheet.

Steps to Download WPS Office 2019 for Linux

#step 1. First search on google “wps office for linux“.

#step 2. Go with the first result which is shown with WPS official webpage. Screenshot is below

#step 3. Click on Scroll Down to Find WPS for Linux and there will be Download button just below it. Click on Download button.

#step 4. It will redirect you to WPS for Linux 2019 Page. There will be again Download button below. Click on it.

#step 5. It will ask you to choose to download either .deb or rpm packages.

#step 6. Choose and click on .deb package and it will start downloading wps for linux 64 bit.

Congratulations You have successfully downloaded WPS for Linux 64 bit. Now it’s time to install WPS office on your Kali Linux system.

Steps to Install WPS Office on Kali Linux

#step 1. Go to the Download folder. right click there and open terminal.

#step 2. get root privilege by typing su command and root password.

#step 3. type ls command to list all the directories on the terminal. just select and copy the wps office .deb package file name as shown above in the screenshot.

#step 4. To install wps office .deb package. Type the command on the terminal shown above in screenshot. And press ctrl+shift+v to paste copied wps .deb package file name on the terminal after dpkg -i command. And hit the Enter button.

dpkg -i wps-office_11.1.0.8865_amd64.deb

#step 5. It will start installation for wps on your Kali Linux system. Wait for the whole process on your Kali Linux terminal.

Congrats after the process completed. You will see the WPS office has been installed successfully. Search for WPS in application menu on Kali Linux system.

Watch Youtube tutorial to Install WPS office on Linux

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