How to Install Opera Browser in Kali Linux as root 2020 [Ultimate guide]

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If you want to use VPN inbuilt browser then Opera Browser is the best alternative for you. Using a VPN as a separate software can be threatful for your system. That’s why we recommend you to use Opera Browser which has inbuilt VPN. Opera Browser is a well known and trusted browser for almost every platform devices. So, This guide contains the Ultimate installation guide to Install Opera Browser in Kali Linux and run it as root user without doing any extra experiment. If you guys will face any kind of issue while understanding and not able to install opera. You guys can comment in the comment box.

Download Opera Browser for Kali Linux

Downloading Opera Browser is far easier as similar to downloading any other browser for Kali Linux. You just need to search on google for “Opera Browser Download”. And lots of search results will appear with opera’s official web pages on the top of the search result. You just need to click on the download option of that search result. Then you will be on the download page of the Opera browser’s official page.

Here you need to identify which platform you need to download Opera Browser. As we know, we are here discussing Kali Linux. Just click on the Download option below the Linux icon or Download button.

It will start Downloading your Opera Browser .deb package into your Kali Linux system. Wait for it while downloading. After Download has been completed. We are ready to go-ahead for the installation part.

Steps to Install the Opera Browser in Kali Linux

#step1. Make sure you’re in the root user account. If not then switch to root user account first and then further go ahead.

#step2. Right-click on the folder where you have downloaded the Opera Browser .deb package. And choose the option to open terminal.

#step3. Type ls and hit enter. the command to locate the opera browser in your directory. It will locate your current directories’ files and folders. Just Copy Opera Browser Files which has the name like in my case opera-stable_65.0.3467.69_amd64.deb


#step3. To install Opera Browser here you just need to run the following command here on the terminal screen. And hit enter.

dpkg -i  opera-stable_65.0.3467.69_amd64.deb 

#step5. After running the above command in the terminal. You will see it will start running the installation process on the terminal screen. Wait for it.

#step6. After sometime during the installation process. It will ask to set up Opera Browser to update with the rest of the system or Not update with the rest of the system.

#step7. Just select yes. If you want to update with the update command. And select no if you don’t want to update the Opera Browser with the update command.

Congratulations Opera Browser has been successfully installed in your Kali Linux system.

steps to run Opera as the root user

Running any external application as the root user is not recommendable by Kali Linux developers. But if you want to run it as the root user. Because it can be threatful to your Kali Linux system. Follow these below steps to run it as the root user.

#step1. Go to the root folder of Kali Linux. Or in the file system. Where you will find the root folder.

#step2. Inside the root folder just searches for Opera. You see lots of results there. Select that search result which has location as “usr/share/applications“.

#step3. right-click on it. And select the properties option here. Here you will see the command field.

#step4. Whatever has been written on that command field. Just delete it and replace it with this command given below.

opera –no-sandbox %U

Congrats Now you will be able to run Opera Browser as the root user.

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