How to Install Chrome in Kali Linux run as root 2020 [Step by Step Guide]

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Installing Kali Linux and using firefox every time can be boring. You may want to install different browsers in your kali Linux system. So here we are coming again with a wonderful post. This is about installing Google Chrome in Kali Linux. We will install Google Chrome using the terminal and .deb packages. You can also learn through this guide how-to run Google Chrome as the root user. So, read the post, follow every step and understand each concept very easily.

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Download Google Chrome

You just need to download google chrome first. Open the Firefox browser in your kali Linux. Search Google Chrome Download in Firefox browser address bar. Choose the .deb package. Click on accept and install to download it.

Steps to Install Google Chrome on Kali Linux

#step1. Go to the Download folder where you have downloaded your google chrome .deb package.

#step2. Right-click there and open terminal.

#step3. first, update Kali Linux using the update command below.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

#step4. Now, We are ready to install the google chrome .deb package into the Kali Linux system. In the terminal, you just need to run a small command below.

dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

#step5. Search for “google chrome” in the Kali Linux application search bar in the top left corner.

Note: You can not run now Google Chrome as the root user. You need to add a user to your kali Linux system. If you have already added one extra user to your Kali Linux. then no need to add more to run google chrome. Users will be allowed to run any applications installed inside Kali Linux System. Kali Linux can’t run any extra application which is downloaded and installed manually. Kali Linux developers coded the system as it can be a threat to system files.

To run google chrome without root. You need to add a user to your Kali Linux system.

Add the user to Kali Linux

#step6. type the following commands to your kali Linux System to add a user to the Kali Linux system. And then follow the screen instruction.

adduser (username)

#step7. Switch your Kali Linux system to your new user. Which you have added right now or added earlier. And please wait for few moments until a screen asking for username and password will not come.

#step8. Now, enter the username which you have chosen at the time of adding the user. And the password that you have chosen at that time. Hit enter to log in.

#step9. Now again search for “Google Chrome” in the Kali Linux application search box in the top right corner.

#step10. Select Google Chrome and hit enter or double click on it to start or run google chrome.

Congratulations Google Chrome will start running on your system.

Note: It will ask to choose the default keyring password. Type any password of your own choice to set a default keyring password. (type “root password” as recommended to easily remember).

Watch this video to learn how to Install Google Chrome in you kali Linux

How to Run Google Chrome as Root User

Running Google Chrome as root is not recommendable for Kali Linux users. Because it may be threatful for your Kali Linux system files. Even if you want to use it as the root user then follow the below guide to run it as the root user.

#step1. Again switch to root user if you’re not already in your root user account.

#step2. After installing Google Chrome using the above installing method. You need to edit some code lines of the google-chrome configuration file. below is the command to edit the google chrome configuration file.

 gedit /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome 

#step3. scroll to the last line where you will find the code line as ( exec -a “$0” “$HERE/chrome” “$@” ). You can also use the ctrl+f shortcut command to use find the option to find the above code lines.

#step4. here you need to enter a single line of command. To make google chrome executable for root users. Below is the code line. Just copy and paste it just after this line.

--user-data-dir --no-sandbox 

#step5. Now you can able to run Google Chrome as the root user.

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thank you for this posts. It is just amazing guide !!.

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