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In this article, I am going to share the way by which you can decorate your website to get adsense approval as soon as possible. Adsense is basically a platform where publishers get ads to advertise it on their own web content which was invested on Adwords by a investor, Where investor invested money to advertise his content e.g. Product, video or website content, Newly launched applications, And latest phones.

All these investor are great in their work, they knew where to invest. So do you think a investor want to advertise their content over a baby website where number of monthly visitor less than 5,000 in today’s world. Absolutely no, All these investor wanted to advertise their content where the minimum monthly visitors are more than 50,000. So, they can get a large market for their content to become famous in a while.

Question is now –

How you can make a website where you can get the monthly visitors more than 50,000?

Answer– Before this, all you guys must have seen very earlier, it was not that much hard to get adsense approval for their content than it has became right now. You know the fact behind that, why getting adsense approval was easy in comparision to now. becuase earlier adsense was new at that time, very few number of audience knows it as a ads publisher site. And very few of them knew that they can actually earn money with it by serving ads on their own site. Both things was unaware at that time. Google also wanted to expand this platform across the world to become popular and people also wanted to earn online. 

But People had becoming more greedy day by day. Hence, the number of user for adsense increased in millions and Adsense became Famous. Google was getting huge numbers of application from users to apply for adsense. Google saw people are getting greedy about making money online. Many of them were making meaningless content on their websites, online casinos for betting (which was not legal at that time in several countries), sharing content which encourage users to click on ads directly, Copying/pasting of content from other sites which has already been viral on the internet, placing many ads in a single page etc. such types of content were shared among the various website to drive a flood of traffic of users toward their website to increase their impression rate as well as CTR( click through Rate). And it was becoming loss to google.

So,Google decided to take the action on this, and what Google did, they published several policies for adsense publishers to control over the content creator which was tough for greedy publishers. They introduced several terms and conditions of creating content,  And those who had adopted those policies they had been marked as safe but those who had not adopted it and were continue with that activity of doing fraud with google. Google disbaled their adsense permanently.

After the above short story, You came to know in short that what things you should keep in your mind before applying for Adsense for the frist time. Now i am going to tell you the whole points on which you can make you content viral without violating adsense policies.

I will not start with that 😀 you should choose domain like .com, .net like these shit. because you guys are already aware of it. I am going to share some basic points which you guys actually don’t even focus while creating and sharing your contents.

Things have changed a lot since google introduced his google adsense to internet over decade ago. Earlier it was easy to get approval for a website which has 25-30 post with 200-300 words and even if your website was not much dynamic or it does not professional look although it got adsense approval. But now you need to make your website look like unique on the internet, you have to gain many skills of writing, perfect grammar, and post your article (away from copy paste from other sites) because google also introduced bot police which are specially checking your content to meet google’s requirement. So avoid all these things.

You must create a website with enough amount of unique and original content. You must create interesting and compelling content with all those skill which i had discussed above. If you are not good in English because it is not your primary language. Then you can hire anyone who is a professional as your Editor to write for your website. Otherwise you can have another option to learn this on various online sites who taught article writing like professionals. You can go for that to learn skills to add stars and moons to your article to bright it even in the dark days too.

I always recommend you to write for minimum 6-8 months and create your website full of quality content with minimum 1500 words per article. And it must have more than 100 posts shared. Because Google itself want to highlight Quality content in it’s SEO as top rank content. Reason why i suggest to write detailed about anything interesting is because in recent survey done by many bloggers on the topic of SEO found that not only a posts having huge content highlight on top of google search but adsesne also works well on article having length.

in a recent article from ProBlogger, the author recommend the words limit should be minimum of 1500+ words, Because that type of article will do much better in search engines.

The myth of creating short article because people will not read or skip the article, is a lot of crap popularized by people who do not want to head of their dead butts and put in the hard word necessary to develop a professional grade site.

If you don’t believe me, then you can try it by your own. Just create a website having 25-30 articles each articles having word limit of only 200-300 words. I really think that you will never be accepted by adsense for monetize your website content. Becuase google is not looking for this much of site which has very limited web content with short articles.

You can create a detailed article on anything interest you want to start with only thing is need is that you must have writing and decorating skill of articles and web content. So that it will attract enough traffic as well not violate google adsense policies. You should make a strategy of 10x content, so it will rank high in SEO( Search Engine Optimization).

Google wants your traffic must from organic searches, and it want the quality writing to be top of the line. It only accepts about 7% of all the site submitted. Google can afford to be picky because they pay the beast of any online brokerage. They want top quality of web content and articles for their AdWords advertisers.

Everything you created must be from your own experience, perspective, your own perception, and your own Frame of references. Those should be by No copy paste from other’s content stolen from other’s site. No image stolen from other site, No spun articles. No inspired or rephrased content taken from other articles you have read on the other’s web content. No traffic from FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM etc, or not from any social media platform.

It will a lot of very hard work from your part, because you may don’t know that google rejects almost 93% of application for adsense pubhlishers just becuase of these issues only. And most of the applicant don’t want to work hard they want harry potter’s magical stick with some magical secrets words to manipulate Google to get approval of adsense. But you don’t know Google is now everywhere, monitoring every activity of your so be careful while creating content.

I know it is not your answer that you wanted to listen from my content but it is the reality of adsense. You have to work hard. You have pay your money and sweat for make your web content actually genuine and unique among several other websites.

You will be successful i you will give your websites quality article and with honest and valuable contents and you have to keep patient for a year to develop as a professional website which has every interesting content a users wanted to read out.

Good Luck! for the future 😉 .


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    your welcome.
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