How to get 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers Easily in 1 Month

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Welcome to all you in this post , friends in this post i will discuss about youtube’s new policy of monetization only enable if you got 4000 watch hours in last 12 months and 1000 subscribers .
So , friends it is not a big trouble for the famous youtubers and for who who don’t make youtube channe just for money .

But it is a big trouble for those who want income from Youtube and For who have recently created
his youtube account . So, Friends in this Posts i will Give some points and Guidelines, About how you can get more than 4K Watch Hours and 1K Subscribers in Just 1 month very easily .

So i had Already uploaded a video on youtue about :-
1.  new rule of youtube , and
2. how to get easily 1k Watch Hours and 1k Subscribers Very easily in 1 Month

So now i will give you a detail in this posts . Please read full and Carefully .

So first You have to know about , what is Watch time ? 
Watch Time a time duration a viewer spent to watch on your video . For example , If you have upload a video of about 5 Min , but a viewer only watch it for only 1 Min , So you watch time is 1 Watch Min . or If you have upload a video of 2 Hour but a viewer only watch it for 1 Hour , then your watch time is 1 Watch Hour .
So, Friends it is now clear if you will upload Average videos of 5 to 6 Min a Mostly viewers only watch it for only 1 min then you have to got at least 1,40,000 to 1,20,000 Views on your youtube channel in last 12 months only to cross the threshold of Monetization Limit .
And if you will have got this then you subscribers automatically increased due to lots of views .
How to get lots of Views on Youtube Videos?
Why Your Videos should be watches by Youtube Videos ?
You will have to upload Quality Content And You videos should have all those necessary content and topics cleared that a viewers want to know about . You have to satify them by providing Quality Content videos to make videos on Trending Topics .
How to give Quality to your Youtube Content ?
How to make Quality Videos on Youtube ?
To make quality videos on youtube you should to include all these things in your every videos to increase its quality :-
  1. Provide all information start from basic to higher step by step without getting Viewers confused .
  2. You have to make attractive thumbnails of youtube video and make attractive teaser which includes all points in short time before your videos .

That’s Enough to give quality to your videos .

How to know which topics is now in trending?

First of All let me clear on thing , Forget about you have only created your Youtube channel only for Post or Upload Technical Videos , Musics , Comedy and Entertainment . I am saying that because just like to survive on the earth and fight for your rights you have to get knowledge about everything , Similarly you have to upload videos on every topic that can you can upload either it will be related with Technical , Music , Comedy and Entertainment without worried about you have create your channel only for uploading a particular Topic .

And  To Know about which Topic is now trends you have to serching for famous videos of Famous Youtuber’s Channel and go in the comment section and collect all information about what the visitors wanted to know about . And then Analyze all those information and make a video on Topics which have majority of viewers and published on youtube and you can get lots if views in just 1 week .
And You will must have cross 4K Watch hours and 1K Subscribers within a month .

Thank you for Reading this topic ,
If You wanted to know about more then Watch my video related this topic 

If you have any question and suggestion related this video you can comment in the comment box , See in the next interesting blog’s post . Jai Hind .


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