Enable Dark theme/Mode on Unsupported Android Apps [Ultimate guide]

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As we are getting major updates of Android. Lot of features are introducing with unbelievable functions. Dark mode is also one of the most lovable and most wanted feature of Android updates. Android 9 introduced dark theme first but it has some limitations. All app were not supported dark theme that time. Then we have Android 10 update, with almost all google apps and some third party apps with dark theme. But still now we don’t have dark theme on most of the daily using apps. e.g. Facebook, PayTm, PhonePe, and Google Pay still don’t support dark theme. If you want to know How to enable Dark theme on all unsupported android apps follow the below steps.

Steps to enable Dark theme on all Unsupported Android Apps

#step 1. Open settings.

#step 2. Scroll down, go to About Phone.

#step 3. Click on About Phone, And Scroll Down to find BUILD NUMBER.

#step 4. Tap 7 times on BUILD NUMBER.

#step 5. It will enable Developer Option. To Find Developer Option. Again Open Settings and Scroll down to find SYSTEM.

#step 6. Here you will find Developer Option at last.

#step 7. Go inside Developer Option.

#step 8. Scroll Down to find Override force-dark.

#step 9. Enable the Override force-dark feature.

Now you have successfully enable the dark theme on every unsupported android apps. Check one by one. Check Facebook, PayTm, PhonePe, And even Google Pay also now supporting Dark theme. See the below screenshots.

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