How to Enable Chrome 78 Force Dark Mode and Password Leak Detection

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Chrome 78 is here for Android and Desktop both. Chrome introduced Hidden Force Dark Mode and Password Leak Detection in it’s Experiments settings chrome://flags/ . In this article we will be covering how you can enable these features in your Android Chrome 78 and in Desktop Chrome 78.

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Your browser should have already updated by now to the brand-new version, which comes with bug fixes, security patches, and speedier, hovering boxes when you move your mouse over tabs.

There are also two fun features buried within Chrome 78 (for your desktop or laptop) that requires a bit of digging to enable.

Chrome version 78 was rolled out to all devices including desktop, tablets, and smartphones, last week.

It’s a big update but most of the changes it brings are under-the-hood including bug fixes, security patches.

On the desktop and Android you get speedier, hovering boxes that are kind of annoying to some.

Another new feature in Chrome 78 is Password Leak Detection and a new flag, but not necessarily a new feature called Force Dark Mode.

Password Leak Detection in Chrome 78

As the name suggests, Password Leak Detection is a feature that will let you know if any of your passwords have turned up in a data breach.

Obviously, this implies that your passwords are saved in Chrome, on Google’s servers.

So if you’re using a cross-platform extension like LastPass, this feature is of little use to you.

The way Google does this is by scanning usernames and passwords against a database of breaches.

The information is, of course, hashed so you don’t have to worry about your usernames and passwords floating around in the plain text.

How Chrome 78 Password Leak Detection Feature Works?

Google chrome 78 password leak detection feature is working very securely and systematically.

Let’s learn How It is Working..

  • Whenever google Discovered a username and password Exposed by a Data Breach, It stored a strongly hashed and encrypted copy of the data.
  • When you login to a site you use around the web.
  • Password Leak Detection will send a strongly hashed and encrypted copy of your username and password to Google.
  • This ensures that google never learns your account details.
  • Google use private set of instruction with blinding to search through every unsafe username and password without revealing your account details.
  • The final check for whether your username or password us entirely local.
  • If your account details were exposed, Google will send you notification to change it soon.

These features, while available in all variants of Chrome (stable, beta, dev, canary) are hidden behind flags.

So here is how you can enable Password Leak Detection in Chrome 78 as well as force dark mode.

How to enable Password Leak Detection in Chrome 78 Desktop/PC

This feature, as its name implies, will notify you if any of the logins you’ve previously saved in Chrome have turned up in any kind of data breach.

Google will scan any usernames and passwords against its database of breaches—and, yes, this information is hashed so you aren’t just sending your plaintext information back and forth to a Google server somewhere.

Password Leak Detection is basically a built-in version of the Password Checkup extension Google previously released, if that helps.

To enable Password Leak Detection in Chrome 78, first make sure you’re running Chrome 78 by clicking on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner of your browser, hovering over “Help,” and clicking on “About Google Chrome.”

Your browser will check to make sure it’s running the latest version; if not, it’ll download it and prompt you to update.

Once you’re ready, type


into your browser address bar, hit Enter, and enable the feature.

Force Dark Mode in Chrome 78

Chrome has had a dark mode for a while now, but this dark mode we’re referring to in not for the Chrome interface.

A browser’s interface takes up only so much space and is barely there on mobile when you’re scrolling through webpages.

So turning the UI dark is good but it’s not quite effective.

Samsung Internet browser on Android has understood this point ever since it got a dark mode.

On Chrome, websites are still white and bright.

Although, even before Chrome had a dark mode officially, it had a flag to force website backgrounds dark.

This is the same flag, albeit with a different name and probably some under-the-hood changes.

How to enable Chrome 78 Force Dark Mode Desktop/PC

We’ve talked about this before, so I’ll make this quick.

Chrome 78’s “Force Dark Mode” feature allows you to give websites a dark mode that might not otherwise have a style set up for people that prefer a darker look and feel.

Instead of being blasted by a bright, white page, Chrome will instead approximate what it thinks a dark theme should look like. So, for Dark mode lovers, that becomes:

It’s not gorgeous, but it gets the job done if you despise being surprised by bright websites.

(Rhymes unintentional.) To turn on Force Dark Mode, simply enter.


Copy and paste this above code in your address bar, hit Enter, and turn the feature on.

How to Enable Password Leak Detection in Android Chrome 78

If you are using Android latest version Android 10, Android 9 or even any other Older version of Android.

You may have got Chrome’s Update for Chrome 78 in Play Store.

Check it and install the update hurry up to do it.

Enabling Password Leak Detection in Android Chrome in as same as you do it on Desktop Chrome 78.

just copy and paste the below code into address bar in the chrome android.


And click on Enable

Then hit the relaunch button to setup it successfully.

How to Enable Force Dark Mode in Android Chrome 78

To enable dark mode in your Android Chrome 78.

You need same things e.g. update your Android chrome to the latest version chrome 78.

Copy the below code in your Android chrome address bar


and then click on enable.

and then hit the relaunch button showing at the bottom.

Congrats you have successfully done it.

In this ways you can enable Password Leak detection feature and Force Dark Mode feature in PC/Desktop and Android.

Comment your opinion How much you like Android’s Password leak detection feature

Also comment your opinion how much you like chrome 78 force dark mode feature.

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