How to download YouTube Videos on Mobile and PC

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If you want to know best ways to download YouTube Videos on your Mobile Phones and on PC. Read this article to know about Various methods that you can use to download YouTube videos. After reading this article you came to know about best application and Best other methods to download YouTube Videos.

Many applications are available for Android and for Windows PC. First in this article we will discuss 2 application to download YouTube videos on Mobile and PC and Then we will discuss other method to download videos also.

Now lets start with Mobile

How to download YouTube Videos on Mobile

There are many application available to download YouTube videos on Android. i will discuss 2 Application which is commonly used to download YouTube Videos on Android.


tube mate is an application which is most commonly used to download YouTube Videos. Click here to Download. Interface will be simple and easily accessible. By Default it will open YouTube Mobile Home Page, You can also search your favorite one videos to download.

on the top Left corner there are 3 lines given. You can click there and find various other social sites as an option given to download videos from there.

How To download Videos on TubeMate

  • You have to click on the particular video
  • then on the right below corner a download option will appear
  • then click on it to choose in which quality you want your video to be downloaded.
  • Then click on okay or download to let the application download video for you. That’s it. Process is as simpler as it can be usable by a kid also.
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My younger borther is also doing the same without asking me the process because interface is so simple to understand the process.

Features of TubeMate

  • In the top right corner you TubeMate there is option of Settings. In settings You can customize the function of Interface theme into Dark Mode.
  • You can also Customize the Option to Download videos. Also you get the option to customize video converter into various other format e.g. 1080p, audio format etc.


 Vidmate is also an old application with dynamic user interface. It has also a lot features like in TubeMate we are getting. Vidmate can be be downloaded from google easily. Vidmate has options to download videos not only from YouTube but also to download Videos from various other social sites. Click here to download VIDMATE.

Vidmate has its own customized homepage where you can find lot of features :

  • Option to surf and download videos from various social site e.g. YouTube, Facebook
  • Option to download WhatsApp Status Videos or Images of your Friends
  • Option to download funny videos suggested by Vidmate itself.
  • Option to download Other Applications from vidmate.

How to download Videos on VidMate

  • You can download videos in vidmate by Clicking on particular videos which you wanted to download. 
  • Then It will ask you to which format you want to download videos e.g. 1080p, 720p, or mp3 and various other audio formats too available here on vidmate.
  • Choose format and click on download.
  • Video will start getting downloading 

That’s it. This is the whole procedure to download videos on VidMate.

Features of VidMate

  • You will get the option to use dark mode interface 
  • you can customize download option e.g. Change download location, Threads can Download at a time etc.
  • you can use restricted mode also if your kids are using your phone.

Below are some screenshots of VidMate to know How to download and also you can see the interface and functions as overview.

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How to download YouTube Videos on PC

Various Applications available for PC to download YouTube. I am going to tell you about 2 application which is widely used by millions of users in the world.

4K Downloader

Click here to download 4K Downloader .

How to download YouTube videos on 4K Downloader

  1. Open 4K downloader
  2. Then click on the link of YouTube video from the web.
  3. Click on the paste link icon of 4k downloder.
  4. then it will start parsing the link
  5. after parsing the link, it will ask to choose quality of video to download and select location where you want to save it.
  6. then hit the download button. That’s it.

Your video will start downloading and will downloaded very soon. Below are some screenshots you can check it to know the process.

Below are some pictures to know the whole process to download video using 4k downloader.

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IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Internet Download Manager (IDM) you must have heard about it. It is highly recommended by millions of windows/PC users to download videos from websites without using copy/paste of links as we do in other application like in case of 4k downloader. Click here to download IDM.

How to download YouTube videos using IDM

  • Install IDM after downloading properly and install extension of IDM in the browser for better experience.
  • Then search the video in youtube and choose which video you want to download, and click on it.
  • After loading of page in youtube, Video will start playing. Then after very soon when video started playing. You will see a option ” Download this video” on the top right corner of the video screen which is playing right now.
  • then click on that icon, and choose video quality to download
  • then it will ask, you want to start download then click on download.
  • Then your video will start getting download.

Below are some screenshot to know the full process to download youtube videos using IDM.

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Features of IDM (Internet Download Manager)

  • Supports all popular browser and languages.
  • Advanced integration of browsers to install as extensions to catch download links for you.
  • Easy to download with one click on donwload icon appears next to videos you are playing
  • Dynamic Segmentation and performance
  • Automatic Antivirus checking
  • you can also drag and drop links to IDM to start downloading
  • option to resume and pause downloads
  • Option to control speed of downloading for particular file and make it default for all files to download as set by you.

And Various unlimited features more . Read other features here.

Above are the methods to download videos using Applications, Now let discuss about other ways to download videos without using applications.

How to download YouTube Videos without using Application

Only method to download YouTube videos are using web browser, It does not matters which device you are using phone or pc. Methods are same for both PC and Mobile Phones.

  • Search the YouTube video which you wanted to download.
  • and after the full loading of the youtube video, you just need to copy the video link.
  • and open second tab of the browser
  • then add “ss” after www. before for example www.ssyoutubecom/videolink…..
  • Then it will open a website named save from net
  • here you will option to dwonload video using only 2 format 720p/360p
  • You can download in which quality you wanted to download.
  • then click on download, Browser will start your download.
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That it, This process will be same for both devices so you don’t need to learn how to do it on phone.

(Note: If your using phone and browsing youtube, And above mehtod is not working then you can see that on phone or mobile devices youtube links will be like (…) then change it to…) the follow the same process which is mentioned above.

hope you like this article and learned a lot. Hope you share this article with your friends.


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