[GUIDE] How to change MAC Address using macchanger on Linux [WIFI]

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Changing Mac Address on Linux is quite easy as compare to windows and Mac OS. But changing mac address when connected to WIFI network is little tricky. Some time you macchanger shows error ‘could not change MAC: interface up or insufficient permission: Device or resource busy. Or some you face errors like you can not connect to internet after changing mac address on kali linux. In this guide i’will show you a very easiest method of changing mac address without facing error.

Advantages of changing mac address

#1. Your ISP uses MAC address to identify or authenticate your Internet connection. So in case your network card goes boom, the new card you replace it with will have different MAC address and so the Internet wont work. So changing the MAC address to old network adapter is the quickest fix instead of telling your ISP to register your new MAC address which may take lot of time.

#2. If you want to access a network, which limits access based on MAC address, from another machine then you can change MAC address to the one for which you have access. Note that only one computer would be able to access the same network (no two computers can have same MAC address on same network to access it without any problem)

#3. A very important reason is privacy. Your MAC address can be seen by everyone on the local Ethernet network using many simple tools. A hacker on local network thus can track machines (and thus you) on the network. This is especially a threat when you are on a wireless network and are using a public WiFi network like in coffee shops, hotels or airports.

#5. If your original MAC address is revealed, an hacker can use it to impersonate you! On many networks (wired or wireless) access is restricted based on MAC address to avoid access to unauthorized devices on the network. So, when you go offline, someone can use your machine’s MAC address and access the network as ‘you’.

#6. You can get a new IP address lease from DHCP server by changing MAC address. On many networks, DHCP lease is set to last many days or is associated directly with a MAC address such that you get the same IP address all the time.

Steps to change MAC Address on Kali Linux

To change Mac Address on Kali Linux follow the steps below discussed.

#step 1. Open your Kali Linux terminal and get su access by typing root password.

#step 2. Let’s Check You’re facing any error or not on changing mac address without this trick.

#step 3. Type the command below.

macchanger -a wlan0

#step 4. If you have seen new mac address. Then congrats you have changed your mac address without applying any further trick. But this will happen with you, there are 99% chance you will face the same error.

FIX device or resource busy

#step 5. Then you have to fix it manually. Go to search bar on the above left corner on kali Linux desktop.

#step 6. search for Advanced Network Configuration.

#step 7. Select and double click on any wifi network you’re connected with or you will be going to connect. 

#step 9. The another window of editing wifi network will come up. You will several option there on that window. Just select WIFI option which is after General option.

In that WIFI option, you have to change few things only to fix the error.

#step 10. Just change cloned mac address from default to random. And click on save.

that’s it. Now follow the steps on terminal screen, get root access by typing su command and root password.

#step 11. Type the following command Below on your Kali Linux terminal.

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

#step 12. type the another command to fix the error issue.

macchanger -a wlan0

you will get the new mac address. Now whenever you will connect the same network you will not face any issue of error and you can generate unlimited mac addresses.

Note: You are trying to connect with another network but facing any error of not changing mac address or internet not working then you will need to follow the same steps from step 1 to step 10. 

Watch Video on Change MAC Address on Kali Linux


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