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Penetration testers and computer science professionals must have installed Dual boot Kali Linux or any other linux on his working laptops or Desktop. While booting to Linux you guys must have familiar with interface called GRUB Bootloader where you have to choose your Operating System you want to bootin in given period of time (5 sec as default timeout). In this guide we’ll be going to show you how you can change this Default GRUB bootloader timeout and increase it as much as you want to keep. Let’s start reading below.

What is GRUB Bootloader?

This is a Linux Grub Bootloader with single boot system.

The GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) is a bootloader available from GNU project. A bootloader is very important for a operating system to start. An operating system can not start working without bootloader. As same as we’re having windows boot manager on Windows OS to start working. Similarly, For Linux we’re having GRUB bootloader to start.

What are the benefits of changing GRUB Bootloader timeout?

There are various benefits that a computer guys getting by increase or decreasing (changing) GRUB bootloader timeout on Linux on for Single or Dual boot system. Benefits are discussed below:

  • You can increase your GRUB bootloader timeout according to your preference. If you want to wait for more seconds while selecting Operating System from the GRUB bootloader. You can increase the GRUB Bootloader timeout for that also.
  • You can Decrease or change it to 0 second, means not to wait while boot up the device. If you are having single boot system on Linux and don’t to wait for any second. You are having an option to change GRUB bootloader timeout to 0 seconds.
  • GRUB bootloader is an Open Source project software. It means we can add as much Linux OS as we want to list in our GRUB Bootloader to Boot on a single device as multi Boot option. As i’m having triple boot in my current device with Ubuntu, Windows and Kali Linux.

Steps to change GRUB Bootloader timeout?

There are 2 ways to change GRUB Bootloader timeout. Let’s discuss one by one.

Method 1. Change GRUB Bootloader by Terminal

#step 1. Open terminal as root user or type su command and root password to gain access to root user.

daud@ibrahim:~$ su

#step 2. Type the another command to get access to grub bootloader file.

root@ibrahim:/home/daud# cd
root@ibrahim:~# cd ..
root@ibrahim:/# ls
root@ibrahim:/# cd etc/default/
root@ibrahim:/# nano grub

#step 3. use keyboard arrow key to navigate down, And change the value written after “GRUB_TIMEOUT=”. In the above picture the value is set as 15 seconds.

#step 4. After replacing the value according to your preferences. Click CTRL+O to save the configuration. And then click on CTRL+X to exit from this file.

Congrats you’re done. There are few step more but let’s talk about another method.

Method 2. Change GRUB Bootloader timeout by as Login Root User.

#step 1. First of all you have to login as root user. If you are on Kali Linux just click alt+f4 and click on switch user, then type username as root and in password type your root password.

#step 2. Then open your file manager on Linux, and move towards file system/etc/default folder .

#step 3. And then open grub file on any text editor application.

#step 4. Similarly here also change your preference value after “GRUB_TIMEOUT=” . And the Click on save.

Congrats Method 2 is also done.

After changing the value of GRUB_TIMEOUT= in both method now follow the next steps below :

#step 6. Open terminal as root user or Or type su command to get root access on terminal.

#step 7. Type the below command on Terminal

root@ibrahim:~# update-grub

Then wait till the command executed successfully, And then reboot to check the GRUB Bootloader timeout has been changed or not.

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