How to Start a Successful Blog in 7 Steps: 2020 Simple Steps

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If you are a beginner or learning on how to start a successful blog then this guide will be the ultimate source of your guidance.

Topic of Content

This time every individual is looking to start a successful blog but how and which way is unclear to every beginner.

So in this ultimate guide, I will teach you each simple and easy steps which you need to follow while starting your blogging journey.

Create your Road map and start your journey else you will leave your journey prior to destination

Starting a blog in 2000 was quite easier but things got more competitive.

So here is guidelines or blueprint on how to start a successful blog, this 7 steps easy guide will teach you each individual steps on how to start a successful blog or should i start a Blog?

I would recommend you to bookmark this page because you would come again and again to get this idea back.

Multiple people are searching for another word for a blog and I must say consider this as blogging.

Yes, Blogging is the process of creation of your own Blog and Blog will always require a website to showcase your efforts to the world.

Before learning all about how to start a blog, let me tell you what is a Blog?

What Does Blog Stand For

A blog is an idea, experiences or learning you have done in your past, it is all about the passion of sharing details with the worldwide community.

It must be full of interactive views and problem-solving facts. It won’t be any copy paste data.

The blog is your online identity and people will know for what you have shared. So make sure to have a quality post on it.

A person who writes a blog is known as a blogger and his creativity will be identified by readers.

Do you know, what is the difference between Blog and website?

Here is an ultimate guide which will help you to understand more about, what is a blog and how it is different from the website. Must read.

Now, I hope after reading that post you are well confident to differentiate both of them.

Please have a sticky note,pen-paper or notepad handy with you, because you have to answer each of my questions to start your journey.

So let’s start your Journey with the blog and I am sure at the end you will have an answer for all queries on how to start a successful Blog?

7 Steps on how to start a Successful Blog

Every single step is crucial and explained in detail, so make sure to follow process parallel to have your successful blog ready at the end.

Blogging will be successful only if you start working in smart ways as we all know billions of page coming in SERP result when to search for a defined keyword.

Hence our ultimate goal is to build or create a platform which can sustain in this competitive world.

This guide is having everything what a beginner or an experienced blogger required to improve or start his blogging.

Let’s begin your journey and I hope to answer all query on How to start a successful Blog?

Good Luck!!

Niche and Idea Selection

This is the beginning and most crucial part, here you have to answer yourselves.

What you want to write and why?

I found this stage as most complicated because this is the deciding factor for your way or vision to get this success.

Blogging is not all about writing, it is all about what you are Writing

Bit confused, right?

Here my aim for you is to identify your interests what you like and which things have your passion.

Here our aim to identify your passion or interests which will help your blogging journey so simple.

Never jump blindly else you will regret later somewhere.

Most important selection is Niche, if you are new then let me tell you what is niche?

Niche is something we call a theme or specific section, let say you want to write about gadgets, automobile, internet all are part of technology so your niche will be Technology.

If you want to write about Gym, Exercise than it is health related then this is another niche and if you want to write about movies, gossip than this is another entertainment niche.

Now write down all that you interested, in the paper and will filter later.

I hope you have noted down all your interests.

Before going forward, make sure you are aware of types of blog.

Niche blog

In simple mean niche means your area of writing is targeted for specific audiences.

If your blog is only focused to write about technology such as what is the internet, how mobile works, how to connect with Bluetooth devices etc.

All the above are part of technology, so whoever will be interested in technology will link with you and your every single reader will convert into Subscriber or daily reader.

I found this is among the best blogging ideas to go for.

Here you will not combine any health-related ideas or entertainment ideas so you have restricted yourself to specific topics.

But to write about technology has various sections so this is called a broader niche.

Inside technology, if you will write only about Android that is called micro niche and you will narrow down your audiences.

This will lower your website traffic but the conversion rate will be too good as compare to the broader niche.

The micro niche might have disadvantages in terms of finding the content ideas to write and selection is the key point because it could be a case that for what you are writing may end up in next couple of year.

I hope this is an answer for how to start a tech blog.

So Ideally I would recommend to go for a broader niche and create the section in it.

This will insanely improve your long term growth and conversion of the reader into subscriber will be very easy.

The right selection of niche is, I thought the best answer for how to start a successful Blog.

If you are in worry about how to find niche selection Idea then check the category section of two places.

Amazon – Click Here

Ezine Article – Click Here

Drill down to both this platform subcategories and you will get your Ideas.

Isn’t interesting?

General Blog

It is something, where you write everything that comes to your mind. It has own advantages and disadvantage too.

Advantage will be like you will never lack on the question that what you have to write and disadvantage of converting audiences into a customer will be very less.

If my interest is only for photography than why should I subscribe for a general blog which wright rarely about photography.

But you can generate broader traffic from various sources and it will suit for those who have a team to write for each section.

But you will never end up with article ideas if you are a beginner and willing to start with a General blog.

First, start with one category and write around 20 articles for the same and after that second option and write another 20 for that in such a way you can have multiple selections in a single blog.

I would advise you to find your niche first and focus on that only.

News Blog

This requires a lot of much efforts to grow your website.

You must be updated with the latest trends and news roaming around in that specific area.

It needs a complete team efforts to get real success because already big news website are dominated in the news area.

Your chances of success will be very less.

So now focus on the first two only.

I consider that you have already written your ideas on paper. It is time to select one.

Decide what you like most, is it photography?

Then imagine what you can write and trend in the market, go to Google trend and check for the broader idea.

If you can write about the best selfie pose, best camera, best camera lens for a photo shoot then go for it.

This suits you and you can create a difference in this niche.

Now check around other blogs and find out which one is competitive and what quality information they are providing.

Judge them, analyze them and then think about

  • What else you can write?
  • How better you can write?
  • Do you have a passion for it?
  • How many posts you can write on it?

Give your 1 or 2 days to decide all this then come back.

Because sometimes people jump into those categories which looking attractive by watching others and after some time get bored and left their blogging journey.

I hope you got my point and get your best Idea.

So now I am going to put you on web space where you will start your actual Journey.

Till now what you have done was the most complicated thing I have ever seen and most crucial answer required for how to start a successful blog?

So well done and let’s keep move on.

Finding Blogging Platform to start

This is what we call a content management tool, a place where you will start writing.

There are two ways to do blogging one using a free platform called Blogger and second is a paid platform called WordPress.

You can start your blogging journey using two platforms one is free and second is paid.

Blogger: Free Blogging

If you are a beginner or just wanted to do blogging for sharing ideas only, no matter how many people read or what is their reading experiences than you can go for Blogger.

It is a Google-owned product which will give you a free domain with extension “” and free hosting for unlimited content to write.

It is interlinked with Google console itself, so you have to do only one thing and is to write content rest all Google will take care.

If you are a beginner and just wanted to learn blogging then you can try with blogger but at the end, you will land on WordPress.

But, if your motive is to earn money and give wide user experiences than I would suggest you to go for WordPress.

So Blogger is the answer for a query if you are looking for how to start a blog for Free?

I did the same mistake by starting with Blogger and gave me 2 months into this and then moved to WordPress.

Because what you are contributing for blogging in return you require a reward and that is possible using WordPress only.

Blogger is not my suggested platform to answer how to start a successful blog.

WordPress: Self-hosted blogging

WordPress was started back in the year 2003 as a free content management tool.

Currently, around 30% content writer is using WordPress as their best blogging tool.

WordPress has two platforms


Go for because is WordPress free blog same as Blogger.

Will discuss only.

It is an open source and easy to access the tool.

It has an inbuilt feature to install the number of plugins and make your blogging experience to a new level.

What are those plugins? I have explained later in the down section.

Blogger has the advantage of a free domain and free hosting, but WordPress not.

But Domain provided by Blogger is useless as it has an extension of ““, people won’t love to read such blogs.

What is Your Choice???

So in WordPress, the next big decision will be to buy a web hosting account and a Domain name of your website.

So, I will guide you on how to get the same and from best provider company.

Here, we will focus on WordPress only because that is I recommended starting for you.

Here is a detailed guide on Blogger vs WordPress: 10 differences you must know.

Till now I hope we are good with a guide on How to start a successful Blog.

Purchase web hosting and Domain Name

WordPress itself a content writer tool which needs to be stored somewhere and every post or article you write in WordPress will be visible on the internet but how?

Why does web hosting require?

To visible in this internet world you need a space where you can make your own home and inside of that, you can place all your data.

So web hosting is a way which gives you that much bandwidth to create own space on the internet. So this is a basic need to be live on the internet.

Why Does Domain name require?

If someone wants to reach your home he or she may require a physical address in a similar way to reach out to your website it requires a name which we call Domain name.

So domain name will be your identity or address in this web world if anyone wants to read your written article will require that address.

I hope you are clear with web hosting and Domain name.

Many of us are confused which web hosting you should buy and even I too and finally, I came to the conclusion.

Before purchasing any hosting you make sure below parameters.

  • How many domains you can host on a single hosting account
  • Performance of hosting account.
  • Uptime of hosting services.
  • Customer service of Hosting companies.
  • Market reputation of hosting.
  • Maximum traffic handling capacity.

I have given around 2 days to do different research on various hosting provider companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap, Siteground, A2 hosting and many more.

I found one as my best choice because it fulfills all the parameters.

As a beginner, you are not sure how much traffic you will suppose to generate or in future, it might be the case that you could start another site and require unlimited bandwidth.

In this competitive world, Speed and performance of website matter a lot, the world largest search engine Google has already shared that to rank your pages web speed will matter.

It is your technical decision and most important.

If you will go behind cheap and unreliable hosting service then it will look perfect at the initial stage but as your traffic will grow you will start getting lots and lots loading problem.

This will impact your user experience.

I have gone through almost every hosting websites gone through different reviews have seen youtube videos and checked a few websites too.

Finally, I landed to most renowned and trustworthy hosting Hostgator.

BlueHost, Namecheap, and Godaddy is also of the best Hosting provider. It is the oldest hosting provider company.

But Hostgator and Bluehost is only officially recommended by wordpress and more than 2 million domains are currently hosted by Hostgator and Bluehost.

The best part is you will get a Awesome Customer Care Experience along with best website traffic handling and uptime in Hostgator.

And in Bluehost you get domain name free for a year, solved your another problem.

As a beginner chose shared hosting plan and Bluehost offering market competitive rates to a beginner which is unbeatable.

If you will choose its plus plan than you will get unlimited web hosting with the free 1-year domain.

This is the ultimate choice, I would recommend you to take because as you learn to blog more and more you will definitely open a different website too.

If you have a short vision to start only 1 website then go for a basic plan where you can host an only single website.

I found the most beautiful part of and Bluehost is unlimited hosting with a 1-year free domain and unlimited bandwidth make this the most popular choice.

How to open the hosting account with Hostgator?

Here is a detail review guide of Hostgator, get most of Hostgator Idea.

Hostgator has 4 plans to purchase in Linux Shared Hosting Plan, so ideally it is recommended to go for Business hosting Plus plan.

The reason I already explained earlier.

Make sure you go for a long duration because While you first-time login than you will get 60% OFF for up to five-year purchase

Because renew after a short period of time will double your cost than what you are paying right now.

Plan to reserve for at least 12 or 24 months if you have long term vision to run your blogging journey.

Hostgator is also giving you Awesome Discount when you purchased any pack for the first time.

So take advantage of the first-time login for our readers, with this link you will get 60% off Open Hosting Account – Click Here Enjoy!!

If the current rate of plans is quite expensive for you then you can go for most cheapest hostings.

Click here to learn more about how to open hosting account with cheapest hosting providers.

Read – How to open hosting account with cheapest hosting providers.

If you have done with the purchase of hosting account than I am sure you have done an installation of WordPress too.

Bluehost, Hostgator, and Other some of the cheapest hosting which i referred you offers you a c-panel through which you can manage your all hosting services and WordPress too.

Now, this is an advantage with Bluehost, Hostmobo that while you have made a purchase for hosting account you will get a free domain.

So ultimately you have saved around 12$ to purchase new domain name Hurray!!

If you will reserve your domain right now than no extra configuration would require to link hosting with Domain all set there automatically.

But if you have an existing website let say you started on Blogger and your domain is hosted on another domain provider company like Go Daddy.

Then, find out Domain name server from Bluehost hosting account and replace DNS of GoDaddy with your Hosting (Bluehost, Hostgator or Hostmobo) DNS and in 24 hours your domain will get the link with the new hosting account.

It is so simple, and in case you found single issue join 24*7 online chat service of Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmobo they will solve your problem in a minute. Hostmobo also have the customer care chat facility on WhatsApp.

Their customer service is amazing and that is the most crucially important part of Bluehost.

I assume that you have done the setup with hosting and Domain.

If have any issue, share me your experience in the comment box.

Good Job!!

We have covered step number 3 of How to start a successful Blog guide.

Now this time is to move on the battleground, yes I am talking about WordPress.

WordPress Theme and Plugins installation

Now this time is to set up WordPress with Bluehost, Hostgator or with Hostmobo Hosting and does the required installation.

While you purchase hosting with Bluehost, Hostgator, or Hostmobo it has an inbuilt feature that you can do the installation of WordPress in one click through Direct feature by Hosting, through Site Softwares or through Softaculous App Installer.

Let me assume that WordPress is installed successfully if issue connects help chat of Bluehost they will do this for you.

So this time is to do an installation of the theme

Theme: Front face of Website

While Selection of the theme make sure that theme is mobile friendly and easy to optimize.

Do not jump into the shiny stylish theme to showcase more.

The reader comes there to get ideas not to see what fancy stylish look you have given.

The theme will depend on the Niche of your website, WordPress has an inbuilt free theme and all are best.

You can opt for one of them without wasting money.

Here is a detailed guide on a 50+ WordPress theme.

I am using Hestia Theme, Developed by Themeisle.

Which fits perfect for all kind of blogging and better reading experiences.

It is Free and the home page is easy to set up for an attractive overview.

Let say you have done the installation of one free theme as suggested above.

Now this time is to set with required plugins for a beginner.

Plugins for Automate Process

We have decided to start Blogging with WordPress because of additional plugins and better user experiences.

Plugins make your blogging experience way better. You can optimize your content easily and can improve security from a spam attack.

Here I have provided TOP 10 plugins, make sure everyone is installed in your WordPress plugin

All are free and easy to install, every plugin has a premium plan for better service but does not spend any single penny on it.

Because what you require is you can get in its free version. We will go through each of them and explain the importance of each.

Akismet Anti Spam– This is an important plugin which will help you to protect your website from Spam comment and improve security from invalid Spam login.

This is a basic and fundamental need of any website to improve security and safety as in WordPress you are solemnly responsible for the security of the website.

JetPack – This will help you to get connect with to get it powerful feature imported to your website, such as auto-sharing of posts and lot many.

UpDraft – It will help you to take the backup of your website, database, theme and many more features, its free plan will require manual backup and premium will do backup automatically.

So do install and stick with the free plan only, and on a weekly basis create the backup in a single click.

W3 Total Cache – It is another best plugin and most recommended plugin which will help you to optimize your website and improve browser caching, hence website performance will get improve.

Google Analytics– It will link your Google analytics account with WordPress, so you can track your daily user view on the WordPress dashboard.

Smush – This will help you to optimize the image size of each and every blog pages, so will improve web loading speed. Make sure this should installed because larger image size can reduce web speed.

Broken Link Checker – This will help you to find out if there is any broken link on your page, so identify and fix them manually.

This usually helps while you link with other page and unfortunately, that page deleted, so it sends 404 to the crawler and you might get affected with user and search engine ranking.

Yoast Seo – This time doing Seo is Prime need of any blogger, every content should be well optimized around a specific keyword and Yoast Seo is the best plugin to help you doing Seo.

Yoast will ask you for focus keyword which essentially will be your target keyword then it will check that target keyword in your content where it should be as a part search engine ranking factors.

It helps you to do On-Page Seo effectively.

TinyMCE Advanced– WordPress has a default installation of Gutenberg editor which limit your writing font style of the blog.

So to make better editor experience and different fonts style do install TinyMCE plugin.

AdInserter – If you are planning to add Google Adsense with the blog then this plugin will help you to place add at specified locations easily and you can modify them with single point change and will be effective for your complete website.

Instead of adding Google Ads code to each individual this will help you to set in the plugin and the same will be applicable for all.

I found only this many plugins installation mandatory for beginner blog and do not install others as these many are good enough to handle your blog efficiently.

Unnecessary installation of plugins can create performance issues with the website.

Read – 10+ Best WordPress Plugins Every Beginner must Install

Summary till now.

  • We have found our Niche or Idea to write about
  • We have purchased a Bluehost hosting
  • We have configured a domain with Bluehost
  • We have Done installation of WordPress
  • All theme and plugins have been installed successfully.

Great finally you have covered step 4 on How to Start a Successful Blog guide?

Now this time is to start blog writing but before that find out the list of keywords.

Keyword Research and Post Ideas

Setting up a platform and writing an article is an easy job but to find out the right keyword to target in a blog is a quite complicated job.

Millions of people write a post every day and publish them but very few get relevant traffic because they are targeting to a low competitive keyword.

Before keyword research, I would suggest you have an account with two global access platform

  • Google Doc
  • Google Sheet

Both are mandatory because if you have any ideas to write about then use pen paper to note it down will be limited with hard copy only.

If you have an account with Google Sheet will help you to log in from anywhere and you can put your ideas and can access it anywhere when having another idea.

So, it will create a central repository for your ideas and you will be able to manage all your ideas at the commonplace.

Finding the Right Keyword

Finding a keyword is possible through two ways one is free and other is paid.

As a beginner, you can not afford a paid tool which cost you more than 100$ per month.

Here are the two most useful tool available in the market which will help you to search for a keyword.


Ahref has 7 days free trial and Semrush has 14 days free trial, so you can go for any of these as both are well known Seo tools available in the market.

I personally use Ahref, UberSuggest, Keyword Everywhere and Google Keyword Planner.

But, Google keyword planner is the best among all free tools which I use every day to find out the right keyword ideas for free.

Google keyword planner is a keyword research tool and the combination of it with free Seo tool like Uber suggests make your full pack for keyword research.

To help my readers, I have made an ultimate guide on how to use Google keyword planner with UberSuggest to get low competition and high volume keyword.

Before moving ahead go and visit that article to learn how to use Google keyword planner.

It will help you to find out the best list of keywords.

Now you have a list of keywords, this time is to find what to write on one of that keyword.

Article Ideas Finding

There are two best ways to find out Ideas on what to write for the target keyword.


I found this is the best platform to find out article Ideas. It is a Q&A website and it has daily traffic in billions.

Go to Quora and type in your seed keyword in the search box.

It will popup automatic suggestions for forums go to one of them and that has multiple questions posted by millions of users.

Pick one about which you want to write and you are done.

Here I searched for topic Blog and it returned me as seen below

Simple and easy.

Do the same thing in multiple ways you will fire with multiple article ideas.

Google Suggestion

Go to Google search box and type in your seed keyword, now check for suggestions displayed in the search box and bottom of the page, start writing about it.

Let say your keyword is “Bitcoin“.

Multiple suggestions will be displayed and enter for Bitcoin only and Scroll that to SERP.

So in such a way, you will get multiple ideas on what to write for the targeted keyword.

One more bonus tip

Go back to Google search and type “keyword”+”forums” and hit enter.

List of forums will be displayed so go through one of them and you will get amazing ideas which are in trend.

Here I found a few, amazing!!

It is so simple my friend, just what is needed is your learning

To get more Ideas on keyword research go to Keyword research Tool guide as suggested above.

I assume you are handy with your target keyword and Idea about what to write or article writing topics.

Now this time is to find out what quality post we should write?

I would suggest you search for your target keyword in Google and check the top 10 SERP results.

Go each of them one by one and start writing what should be your title, heading, and subheadings based on existing Top 10 search results.

It looks pretty good that you have your title, one main heading, at least 5 subheadings and conclusion to write.

If we will consider that for each of these 7 parts you have around 150-200 words to write than your article will be more than 1200 words which are good enough for Seo.

But make sure to get occupy in Top 10 ranking pages your article must be good in quality and should have more words than what other pages have.

Hey, this was your end of Step 5 on the ultimate guide of How to start a successful Blog.

So let me tell you how to Write an article or post in WordPress.

How to Start Writing an Article

We have already decided what we will be our target keyword and about what we are going to write.

So this time is to put all your research, facts and data in reality.

Make sure you won’t miss Search engine optimization.

So head over to WordPress and follow the below steps.

Here in this guide, I will just brief you on what is mandatory.

  • Click to Posts>Add New and you will be landed to the new edit box.
  • Make sure TinyMCE plug is installed and activated so your window will look like.
  • Enter your Title at the topmost edit box and rest heading and subheading in the main body of Editor.

Now let say in first try you have written everything you want, for example, check this article how I have written.

  • Ideally, your title will be H1 so make it attractive and should have target keywords.
  • First, write an interactive 2-3 paragraph including your target keyword to tell readers what they will be getting after reading it.
  • Then provide follow H2 and paragraph and the same again and again.
  • Make sure you provide the conclusion of the story.

Format for article writing is not good enough to rank, the important thing is Search engine optimization or calls Seo.

Search engine optimization is the key point for your article to get more organic traffic, do you know what is Seo?

Here is an ultimate guide on Seo, learn how to do Seo of newly written article.

Read – What is Seo and How to do Seo

Initially focus, On-Page Seo which is the prime factor for any article that what should be keyword density and how to fit your target keyword in the article, so you would be able to rank for it.

Make sure your webpage URL has your target keyword and should be very not longer than expected.

Use below format for URL.”Max 53 letter including target keyword”

Do not include date and category in URL will reverse impact.

You can change URL configuration by following below process.

Setting>Permalinks>Select specified URL format

If you have gone through the Seo post, then I assume that you have done all the required changes with the post.

Great job !!

Doing On-Page Seo, I feel that your learning for blogging journey is almost close to ending.

To learn more in detail about how exactly you should write your first blog post which is more SEO friendly and easy to rank than check our detailed guide.

You are one step left with the guide on How to start a successful Blog?

This time is to showcase your great efforts to the world and let the search engine knows that you have done something great.

Publish and Submit to Search Engine

Till now we have done all with the writing of an article and proper On-Page Seo.

Let’s cheer yourself for what efforts you have given to learning all this.

Take a long breath of relaxing and hit Publish button.

This time is to know the search engine that you have published something.

This all comes under Off-Page Seo if you have gone through the guide on Seo than you know what is On-page and Off-Page Seo.

If not sharing again must visit Seo Guide.

So as part of Off-Page Seo, you should submit your website to various search engine sites and the most famous is Google Webmaster, Bing WebMaster.

So simply go and Sign in them and to submit your website URL.

The only submission to this website will confine your limit to specific do submit this to more than 10 different search engine.

Here is a list of 21 search engine websites where you require to submit all your posts.

Does it seem a hectic job?

Yes, I got bored while submitting to all, so you too.

I have a solution for you, go and submit to these three and you are done.

How to submit is given in the previous guide of search engine lists.

  • Google Webmaster
  • Bing Webmaster
  • FreeWebSubmission

So now you have done your primary job to publish your post and I assume you have submitted this to various search engines and directories.

Now to rank in Google the prime factor is to get backlinks, do you know what is backlinks?

Here are two ultimate guides on what are backlinks and how to get a quality backlinks from high authority sites.

So do create as much as possible quality backlinks and you will find domain authority of your page will get the increase.

Now don’t ask me what is Domain authority, because if you have gone through what are backlinks guide then you might get your answer for that.

Now let me know, am I answering your question on How to start a successful Blog?

If you have done this job properly, your page in a couple of months will rank in Google top-ranking pages.

Bonus tip for more traffic.

Do share your post on social media platform especially.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Sharing on social media could help you to get more and more traffic as the user will start liking your content, but the key point is you should have a quality article.

Learn here more about how to create Facebook Business Page to promote your content.

Congrats !! You have done with the learning of your blogging journey and I hope till now you have published one.

So this is the End of final step number 7, on How to Start a Succesful Blog Journey.

If you are concerned about the traffic drive into your website here is the ultimate guide on how to increase website traffic.

If still need this, as I said bookmark this page because you need this guide again and again.

Now, why you gave this all efforts? For making money, so how can I miss that most catchy part to help you.

Let’s dive on how can you make money using a blog.

How to Make money using Blog

If your aim to make money using blog then there are various ways to do so and few of them are highlighted below.

I won’t close this Guide on How to Start a Successful Blog unless I tell you how to generate revenue so let’s dive into the money-making process.

Google Adsense

This is one of the best ways to monetize your website, simply apply for Google Adsense using your website and wait to get it to approve.

Make sure your website is properly set with Adsense standard.

Must have a responsive theme.
At least have 10 minimum 1000+ word post
Make sure have social media accounts attached to the website
Make sure to have pages like, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy.
Website loading speed should be in between 2-5 seconds, Bluest will be a perfect choice.
Read — Tricks to get Quick AdSense Approval
Read – Read more about Adsense approval

Once got approved than using Ad-Inserter plugin insert Ads code to various pages of the website. Here is a quick detail guide on how to Add Google Adsense Ads to WordPress website.

While reading your post, if any user will click to that Ads you will get revenue for same. Do you know How much does Adsense Pay? If not check our detailed guide.

If need any help on this comment me, will happy to help you.

Affiliate Marketing

Join associate partner program of Amazon or any other companies like CJ Affiliate, review their products on your blog.

Share your honest opinion for products do not plagiarise it for your own sake.

Provide your associate partner program link in the blog, if a reader likes your vies and will purchase through that link you will get a commission for same.

This affiliate marketing will work better if you will go for a Niche or micro-niche blog.

Selling Ebooks and Courses

If you have a training academy or selling Ebooks then you can sell them through your blog by explaining what user will get after reading it.

There are many other ways available to get money through a blog, if you will be able to make an identity of your then you can get numerous sponsorship from small business around you.

Let me know which money-making option you like the most and till now you’re experienced with how to start a successful blog journey.

Brief on How to Start a Successful Blog

It is always challenging to find out right niche and keyword to start a blog.

But the way I have explained might help you to solve that problem and the best step to answer the question on How to start a successful Blog?

The second most challenge is to find out right hosting platform which could help you get relevant web speed and good service and I am using Bluehost and having not a single issue.

Do sign up by clicking Get Started Link.

Make sure you do start with WordPress if your aim is to make money or better use experiences

It took me a lot of efforts to brought this experience here in this guide, I thought myself at that position where I was at the beginning and placed each possible helps I can do for you.

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