How to install WPS Office on Kali Linux 2020 [WPS Office guide for Linux]

Hey Linux users, Hope you’re enjoying good days. Here we have another topic for you on WPS office installation guide for Linux. There’re many Professional Office Applications are available for Linux. Such as Libre office, Gnome Office, Open Office, and FreeOffice are some of the famous office apps for Linux. This Guide will help you to understand Installation processs of WPS office for Kali Linux 64bit .deb package using Linux Terminal.


How to Install Kali Linux on Virtual Box 2020 [Ultimate installation guide]

Many of you who are very enthusiastic about learning Ethical Hacking. But most of you can afford only one PC. On which you have already installed Windows OS. And wanted to practise Kali Linux Ethical Hacking Courses/Practicals. There is method to install Kali Linux on windows 10 using virtual box. Let’s discuss full installation guide to install Kali Linux on Virtual box in windows 10. I have already created another post on Install dual boot Kali Linux with Windows 10. Please read that to learn that method to use Kali Linux along with Windows 10 on the same HDD.


How to Enable kali-undercover | Windows 10 theme [Full Guide 2020]

If you’re a Kali Linux lover. Then you must have heard about New release of Kali Linux build 2019.4. It has been released with so many features. Kali Linux Undercover mode is mostly lovable worldwide. There are many ways that you can actually use newest release. This post is about how to enable kali-undercover mode using terminal. And how to update your current Kali Linux system to Latest build.


How to Install Opera Browser in Kali Linux as root 2020 [Ultimate guide]

If you want to use VPN inbuilt browser then Opera Browser is the best alternative for you. Using a VPN as a separate software can be threatful for your system. That’s why we recommend you to use Opera Browser which has inbuilt VPN. Opera Browser is a well known and trusted browser for almost every platform devices. So, This guide contains the Ultimate installation guide to Install Opera Browser in Kali Linux and run it as root user without doing any extra experiment. If you guys will face any kind of issue while understanding and not able to install opera. You guys can comment in the comment box.


How to Install Chrome in Kali Linux run as root 2020 [Step by Step Guide]

Installing Kali Linux and using firefox every time can be boring. You may want to install different browsers in your kali Linux system. So here we are coming again with a wonderful post. This is about installing Google Chrome in Kali Linux. We will install Google Chrome using the terminal and .deb packages. You can also learn through this guide how-to run Google Chrome as the root user. So, read the post, follow every step and understand each concept very easily.


How to dual boot Kali Linux 2019.4 & windows 10 [Full Guide Step by Step]

Kali Linux, by Offensive Security recently released its new version of penetration testing platform Kali Linux 2019.4 with some new features. Also, Microsoft released its most advanced final version of the Windows Operating System, Windows 10. So how it will be when these two killer badass OSs come in the same device. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to dual boot Kali Linux v2019.4 with Microsoft Windows 10. Dual boot means running two separate OS in the same HDD.