How to install full version of Android Marshmallow on your PC without emulators

With Android running on almost 2 million devices, there are many users who want to extend the capability of having a similar experience of Android on their PC or laptop. Emulators like BlueStacks have helped PC users to download and install Android apps directly to their systems.

But, what if you could use Android like an everyday operating system on your PC or laptop without an emulator? What if you could breathe new life into your old computer with the Android Marshmallow? You can do that with Remix OS.

Remix OS is based on the native Android Marshmallow coding, but with a surprising twist. The OS allows you to run Android and its apps like a desktop OS. Meaning you can run multiple apps in the form of windows. You can continue using the mouse and keyboard for navigation across the OS, too.

Important note:

It is recommended that you install Remix OS on an older machine. The OS is updated regularly for bug fixes and is not devoid of issues. The community developers work to bring more stability with every update.

Step 1:
Heading over to Remix OS homepage , you will be greeted by an option to download the installation package.

Step 2:
Once you decide to download, you will need to ensure you download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your system configuration. The installer is available in standard download mode or using torrents (perfectly legal as the software is a free to use).

Step 3:
The package installer includes an image and an executable file. After opening the executable Remix OS installer, you need to mount the image file.

Step 4:
Next, you can make a choice of installing the OS directly on your hard disk or on a flash drive. On choosing the former, you can run both Windows and Remix OS on the same system.

Step 5:

Once the installation is over (if you’ve installed it on the hard disk), a reboot prompt will be displayed. Proceed to restart your system to enable the changes to take effect.

Step 6:
Once your system reboots, you can choose to start Windows or Remix OS.

Step 7:
Once the Remix OS system loads, your final setup of the operating system welcomes you. Standard terms and conditions, language settings, Wi-Fi settings etc. As soon as the setup is complete, you’re free to use the OS just like you would use a traditional Windows PC

here are the videos below on Remix OS

 here how to install Remix OS on hard drive 


How to know if your password has been hacked

How to know if your password has been hacked

Unfortunately, piracy has become commonplace on the Internet. And one of the biggest blunders you can make if to think that it will only happen to others, that if you don’t do anything, you’ll never have a problem. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. So how can you know if your account has been hacked?
    No, it doesn’t only happen to others. It just takes a spot of bad luck, and suddenly, you’re one of the ones if wasn’t supposed to happen to. Everyone (or nearly everyone) is likely to get hacked at some point. Even big names on the Internet can be hacked, like Apple and Yahoo. But how can you know if you’ve been hacked? Let’s start with some basic elements:


    Check if you’ve activated maximum security

    If you’re unlucky, the service you use may have been hacked, and a thief would then have access to the service’s  database. Service managers may contact you to explain the situation, and if you’re on social media, you’ll find out pretty quickly anyway.
    If the target is not a business/service, things depend a little more on yourself. Have you enabled all security settings? For example, some services use a 2-step verification system. The odds of being hacked with this feature are minimized, and even if this were to happen, you would be notified. For example, Google, Facebook and Dropbox will send you a message to let you know that someone has tried to access your account from a new device.

    Screenshot 20170810 154539
    Some web services will notify you every time you log into your account from a new device. / 

    Check how safe your password is

    Of course, not all websites offer a wide range of security options. You must therefore think long and hard on the main element for confidentiality: the password. If the service is hacked, the quality of your password will not really make a difference but if you are personally targeted, it makes sense to pick a safe password.
    So how can you tell if your password is secure enough? You’ve probably heard left, right and center that a secure password must have a mix of numbers, letters and sometimes special characters. The problem is that machines that try to figure out your password are also aware of this, so by creating a mix of these characters, you’re not necessarily making the account impossible to hack, you’re only making it more difficult because they’ll have to test a greater number of combinations that include numbers and special characters. Bill Burr, the creator of the secured password standards, explained the problem. In short, he says to make sure you get creative with your password and make sure it’s not just a single word with characters at the start or end. If your password is “Password31”, you should probably consider making it a bit more complicated.

    AndroidPIT privacy 4
    A password is a virtual key that opens the door to your account. 

    These two tips can give you an idea of ​​the situation of your account’s security but they can’t tell you if you’ve been hacked. So how can you be sure?

    Look at the symptoms

    In theory, your account may have been hacked without you even realizing it. In practice, it’s less obvious because if someone has bothered to get hold of your account details, they probably plan to do something with it. Either they’ll use your account directly, for example change your password, purchase things from your account or send spoof mail to your contacts, or they’ll use it indirectly to scrape other information they find in your account. Thus, they can use/sell your personal data, etc.

    Androidpit facebook at work 0417
    Data can be exploited for a profit. 

    Check online if you have been hacked

    If piracy is done on a large scale, you can check whether you were hacked or not. A security expert has created a list of all the victims after every known attack, and allows users to check if their account was hacked. The website is called Have I been pwned? You just have to type in your email address, and the website will tell you whether or not someone knows your password.
    You can also type your password and the website tells you if it has been compromised. In both cases, the database is huge (over 300 million passwords) since it gathers hacked accounts from LinkedIn, VK, MySpace, Badoo, Dropbox and many more.
    Have you ever had your account hacked? How did you know it had been hacked? Share your experiences in the comments below.

    How To Create My Own Application

     How To Create My Own Application 

    For Any Platform From Anywhere

     A spa, a salon, a café, a retail shop or convenience store – they all rely on their loyal customers for repeat business for raking in the money
    The Top three reasons small business owners build apps are:
    For improving Customer Service

    Boosting Sales
    Handling Competition
    Why an App?

    What you can do with an app is limitless depending upon your creativity and need. And the increasing number of people going mobile is good news for the app business.

    Here’s a sneak peek into what all you can do with an App:
    ·Boost your sales with a mobile catalog, store, loyalty program, coupons, and your choice of other features
    ·Build customer loyalty by connecting to your customers with push notifications
    ·Go the extra mile by offering valuable information, an inviting loyalty program, exclusive discounts, and convenient tools for improving their lifestyle
    ·Become a part of your customers’ health goals with pocket tools added to the app
    ·Grab their attention with useful info, and sell more of your products with exclusive discounts and the convenience of mobile commerce
    ·Satisfy your diners with a lip smacking app that’s made to order
    ·Add your choice of features to let them check your menu, book a table, place an order, get directions, and more

    What’s the Big Deal?
    Making an app is not as daunting as one thinks. You don’t necessarily have to employ developers and spend big bucks. You have terrific new Do-It-Yourself app building services available online, which offer intuitive app creation tools and also app hosting facility for a low monthly fee.
    You must be wishing you had known this before.
    Never mind. It’s not too late even now. You can catch this wonderful DIY App Builder called Appy Pie and make an app for your business in less than 10 minutes.

    If you don’t believe me, you can check out this video to confirm

    How can I start creating my own App using Appy Pie

    Appy Pie
    An App Builder like Appy Pie gives you all the tools you need to keep your business in the hearts and pockets of your customers with an app as unique as your business.
    Appy Pie prides itself on being simple and easy to use—hence their tagline, “make an app, as easy as pie.” Their code-free drag-and-drop app builder is easy to navigate (and supported with helpful pop-ups, video tutorials, and a live chat box), and even a complete tech newbie will be able to create a professional-looking app in no time.
    Building an app with Appy Pie is a three-step process:
    Name your app and choose a category
    Build your app and add content
    Publish your app (though you’ll still have to wait for it to be submitted and approved before it shows up in any app stores).
    Naming your App
    Your app’s name can be no longer than 30 characters and cannot contain any special characters, including apostrophes. However, if your business is called “Mike’s Salon,” or something similar, you can change the display name that appears at the top of the app in step two.

    You can categorize your app in one of the 24 categories (this can be edited later), like business, law firm, restaurant, charity as well as a broad “other” category.

     Building your App

    Appy Pie’s app builder features a “drag-and-drop” interface (which is actually more of a “click-and-fill-out-a-form” interface) alongside a large live preview of what your finished app will look like called the simulation mode.

    The builder has two main sections—“App Pages,” which is where we add and edit the different pages for your app;

     And “Style & Navigation,” which is where we edit how the app looks, including changing the background, icons, splash screen, colors, and navigation layout. You can now customize the exact way your app can look including its navigation functions with a variety of Themes, Backgrounds and templates to choose from.

    Here’s a better look at Appy Pie’s navigation options. 
    Adding Content to your App
    In the App Pages tab, there are several boxes along the top of the screen, each of which represents a different page in your app.
    Simply clicking on them would add that page to your app.To add a new page, simply click on the page in the layout below which has been clubbed into sections like:
    Information pages (about your company, contact, customer testimonials),
    Social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
    Multimedia pages (RSS feed, photo, video, blog)
    Mobile commerce pages (commerce, coupons, loyalty cards)
    Recommended: Each category has its own specific recommended options
    Integrating mobile commerce and social media is also a matter of a few clicks.
    And just in case you get lost there is a video tutorial for every page to hold your hand through the process.
    Customizing Page Content

    In addition to pre –set page layouts, some of Appy Pie’s pages let you build your own content:
    Form builder helps you create customized fill-able forms
    Quiz lets you build in a customized quiz into the app
    Text is a simple blank page that can be customized just the way you like
    Code page if you really want to build from scratch.
    Stylizing your App
    Personally, this is the best part of the app process for I can change just about anything I want. From App Icons to splash screen to titles to themes to fonts, navigation, layouts and what not.
    You can also upload a new background image—only one for the entire app.
    Appy Pie lets you pick from five different navigation layouts, including the classic five icons along the bottom of the screen, a list, two different matrices, and a menu that slides out when you tap a button in the upper left corner.
    The themes and backgrounds can transform any app into a superbly crafted piece of art.
    Whoever said developers can’t be designers was obviously kidding. Coz with Appy Pie you can end up being both and your customers are surely going to be delighted with the results.

    Would recommend you go App-ing at NOW…!!!