how to install google chrome extensions on android browser

[GUIDE] How to use Google Chrome Extensions on Android Browser

Most of us are using Android smartphones nowadays, Google Chrome has become our most used browsing apps. But it has a limitation of lack of installation of extensions (ad-dons) features. We don’t have any option available inside google chrome android app to install Chrome Extensions on it. But there is an android app on which you can install almost all chrome extensions on it. Let’s follow the below guide to know more about it.


[GUIDE] Setup WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP on Any Linux Distro

If you’re a blogger using wordpress. But you’re afraid of doing any experiment on your wordpress blog. Now, you can use your localhost to setup another wordpress where you can do all your experiments without harming your actual wordpress website. Setting up wordpress on localhost is very easy. Here we’ll be discuss how to install linux application XAMPP on Kali Linux, How to download wordpress for XAMPP on linux, How to setup WordPress on localhost, and how to create PHPmyadmin database and database user account on localhost wordpress. Let’s discuss if you want to know.


[GUIDE] How to change MAC Address using macchanger on Linux [WIFI]

Changing Mac Address on Linux is quite easy as compare to windows and Mac OS. But changing mac address when connected to WIFI network is little tricky. Some time you macchanger shows error ‘could not change MAC: interface up or insufficient permission: Device or resource busy. Or some you face errors like you can not connect to internet after changing mac address on kali linux. In this guide i’will show you a very easiest method of changing mac address without facing error. (more…)

Enable Dark theme/Mode on Unsupported Android Apps [Ultimate guide]

As we are getting major updates of Android. Lot of features are introducing with unbelievable functions. Dark mode is also one of the most lovable and most wanted feature of Android updates. Android 9 introduced dark theme first but it has some limitations. All app were not supported dark theme that time. Then we have Android 10 update, with almost all google apps and some third party apps with dark theme. But still now we don’t have dark theme on most of the daily using apps. e.g. Facebook, PayTm, PhonePe, and Google Pay still don’t support dark theme. If you want to know How to enable Dark theme on all unsupported android apps follow the below steps.


How to Install Kali Linux on Virtual Box 2020 [Ultimate installation guide]

Many of you who are very enthusiastic about learning Ethical Hacking. But most of you can afford only one PC. On which you have already installed Windows OS. And wanted to practise Kali Linux Ethical Hacking Courses/Practicals. There is method to install Kali Linux on windows 10 using virtual box. Let’s discuss full installation guide to install Kali Linux on Virtual box in windows 10. I have already created another post on Install dual boot Kali Linux with Windows 10. Please read that to learn that method to use Kali Linux along with Windows 10 on the same HDD.


How to Enable Theme Option (Dark Theme) in Stable WhatsApp | [Root]

In today’s technology of Android Os almost every applications of Android supports Dark Mode theme. Such as Instagram supports dark mode, telegram supports dark mode, and almost every google application supports dark mode. But still whatsapp is working to release dark mode. I don’t know why they are taking at much time to release just a simple dark theme on Whatsapp. Today we are going to tell you the way by which can actually enable real Theme switch option to select dark mode theme on whatsapp settings.