how to install google chrome extensions on android browser

[GUIDE] How to use Google Chrome Extensions on Android Browser

Most of us are using Android smartphones nowadays, Google Chrome has become our most used browsing apps. But it has a limitation of lack of installation of extensions (ad-dons) features. We don’t have any option available inside google chrome android app to install Chrome Extensions on it. But there is an android app on which you can install almost all chrome extensions on it. Let’s follow the below guide to know more about it.


[RUN WITHOUT INSTALL] Tor Browser: Installation Guide For Linux 2020

Hello, Linux users hope your guys are fine and chilled. If you want to install Tor Browser on Kali Linux 2020.1 version. In this we are going to show you how you can run Tor Browser without actually being install on your Kali Linux through terminal. We’re not going to use the command on terminal to install Tor Browser. So if you want to know tor browser installation guide then read the full guide.


How to Fix Updates for this repository will not be applied [Not valid yet]

Hello Linux users, Once again we have come up with a nice fix. Many of you must have seen this error while trying to update your Linux system with apt-get update command. But got an error of Release is not valid yet Updates for this repository will not be applied. You guys are unable to update your Linux system. This is very easy fix. Just Follow the below guide and get out of this problem.


[GUIDE] Setup WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP on Any Linux Distro

If you’re a blogger using wordpress. But you’re afraid of doing any experiment on your wordpress blog. Now, you can use your localhost to setup another wordpress where you can do all your experiments without harming your actual wordpress website. Setting up wordpress on localhost is very easy. Here we’ll be discuss how to install linux application XAMPP on Kali Linux, How to download wordpress for XAMPP on linux, How to setup WordPress on localhost, and how to create PHPmyadmin database and database user account on localhost wordpress. Let’s discuss if you want to know.


[GUIDE] How to change GRUB bootloader timeout on any Linux 2020

Penetration testers and computer science professionals must have installed Dual boot Kali Linux or any other linux on his working laptops or Desktop. While booting to Linux you guys must have familiar with interface called GRUB Bootloader where you have to choose your Operating System you want to bootin in given period of time (5 sec as default timeout). In this guide we’ll be going to show you how you can change this Default GRUB bootloader timeout and increase it as much as you want to keep. Let’s start reading below.


[GUIDE] How to change MAC Address using macchanger on Linux [WIFI]

Changing Mac Address on Linux is quite easy as compare to windows and Mac OS. But changing mac address when connected to WIFI network is little tricky. Some time you macchanger shows error ‘could not change MAC: interface up or insufficient permission: Device or resource busy. Or some you face errors like you can not connect to internet after changing mac address on kali linux. In this guide i’will show you a very easiest method of changing mac address without facing error. (more…)